On brunching with the Oak Ridge Boys

I caught up with one of my best friends, Debbie, last night. Last time we talked, she and our friend Kristin were about to head out to Nashville for the second annual Oak Ridge Boys Rally. When we talked last night, I got the full scoop on her Oak Ridge Boys weekend.

So, it got me to thinking, but more on that in a second.

First, let me tell you everything this weekend included. Debbie and Kristin paid about $300 a piece for the weekend, and that money paid for several things, including:

two-night hotel stay

ticket to rally reception

ticket to the Grand Ole Opry, where the Oak Ridge Boys performed

ticket to Oak Ridge Boys concert (separate from the Opry performance; the opening act were various members of the Oak Ridge Boys’ kids and grandchildren)

ticket for Gospel Brunch on Sunday

meet and greet w/ the Oak Ridge Boys (along w/ photo taken w/ the Boys by a professional photog, and the picture fits into a souvenir autographed folder)

Oak Ridge Boys souvenir

Gaylord Opryland coupon book

There was a cheaper package, but it didn’t include the meet and greet and maybe one or two other things.


And, even better, the Opry show was at The Ryman.

I was amazed at what all they got to do for so little a price, and so much of it was done w/ the Boys themselves. Debbie said they were sitting awfully close to one of them for that gospel brunch.

This weekend took place when Nashville was hit with snowy and icy weather, but Debbie said fans came from all over the world, including a few fans from Canada.

So, my question, if your favorite band offered something like this, would you take them up on it? Is two concerts, souvenirs, brunches, dinners and a meet and greet worth $300?

What band would you pay $300 – or maybe more? – to hang out with?

I know this idea isn’t new, but it’s just a really cool one. I know lots of bands have cruises, but few events are as intimate or have as many cool aspects to it as the Boys’ Rally.

The only other event I can think of that could rival that one would be Better Than Ezra’s Krewe of Rocckus event for Mardi Gras. The New Orleans band hosts its fans for a three-day weekend – most of the packages are gone, and I forget the price, but I think they were also around $300. Anyway, you’d get a hotel stay, special/private placement for parades, private parties, welcome brunch by a celebrity chef, and concerts by Pat Green, Big Sam’s Funky Nation (who are mind-blowingly good) and, of course, Better Than Ezra.

Pretty sweet deal, eh?

So, yeah: what band would you want to party with?

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