Oxford Film Fest offerings: “Worst in Show”

In tomorrow’s Scene section, you’ll see a story on “Where I Begin,” a movie that will have its premiere at the Oxford Film Festival.

I don’t have space in the paper to talk about every movie they’re showing – and they are, as usual, showing plenty – so I thought I’d post up info on some of their other movies here on the blog. I get several press releases/photos/trailers from the filmmakers, so that’s what I’ll share here.

Here’s the first one I’m telling you about…”Worst in Show.”

Here’s the info:

The film is all about Petaluma, CA’s ugly dog contest and the finished
documentary is an hour long. We followed 4 contestants in the contest
leading up to it and then caught up with them a few weeks after the
contest. The movie is reallllly weird, funny and touching as well.
These people are super obsessive and extremely competitive. I liken it
to “Best in Show” meets “King of Kong.” The film also has a really
strong message regarding animal rescue as many of these “ugly” dogs
have big problems being adopted due to the way they look.
The dogs themselves are a HUGE human interest story and as you can see from
the photos attached, they’re pretty darn ugly!

Our film plays Friday, February 11 at 8:00 pm and then
again Saturday, February 12 at 3:30 pm. Our Oxford site is here:

We’re also teaming up with the new Oxford animal shelter to do a fundraiser at
the festival and they will also be handing out literature on what they offer.

Click here for the trailer.

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