Oxford venue offers more than movies

A theater will be converted into a theatre for the O’Conner Theatre Project’s production of “Hungry.”
The Amp in Oxford is a movie theater, but it’ll make room for a live-action play Aug. 14-16.
“We have to get out of the mindset that this is a movie theater,” said Doug DeLisa, The Amp’s general manager. “The philosophy here is so much different. We have movies here, but we’re offering a lot more.”
After closing for a while, The Amp at 206 Commonwealth Blvd. was purchased by Nova Cinetech, Inc. in 2008.
Since re-opening, the theater has shown Hollywood movies for kids and adults. There’s also room for independent films, including “Night of the Loup Garou” by Oxford filmmaker Micah Ginn.
“We want to promote our local filmmakers,” DeLisa said.
In addition, The Amp has featured concerts by Duwayne Burnside, Killjay and Silas Reed and The Books. The Yokana International Folk Festival came to the venue on Wednesday.
There’s an outdoor theater area, where DeLisa plans to show Monday Night Football games. It’s already featured “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and Led Zeppelin’s concert movie, “The Song Remains the Same.”
The menu includes sandwiches, hot wings, pizza and desserts, and alcohol is served. The Amp has hosted a wine tasting and ballroom dancing.
Beginning Aug. 14, The O’Conner Theatre Project will give a run of hometown performances before taking “Hungry” on the road to the 13th New York International Fringe Festival.
“We’re trying to bring things that can engage a lot of different people,” DeLisa said. “That’s our goal, to have something for everybody.”
Learn more by calling (662) 236-4080, or visit www.novacinemas.com.

M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

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