Pirates, sailors battle for laughs in ‘Curry Bean’

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

Jump aboard the HMS Crunchy Frog and set sail for the caribbean – or the ‘Curry Bean.’
Pied Piper Playhouse presents “Pirates of the Curry Bean,” a musical comedy spoof of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” The comedy pits a group of sailors aboard the HMS Crunchy Frog against the pirates of the ship The Curry Bean, and a family is caught between the two. A treasure map is, of course, at stake.
“We have a ship called the Crunchy Frog, and the pirates are on a ship called Curry Bean,” because of their love for curry and beans, said director Jane Miller. “There’s also a tavern called the Squirty Squid. There are a lot of play on words, and a lot of body humor.”
Pied Piper played with the script a bit, too, swapping in more regional locations in place of exotic destinations. Cities like Biloxi and towns like Mantachie get shout-outs.
The pirate Capt. Redbeard (Victoria Jade Waller) and the sailor Adm. Horatio Hornblower (Trevor Hart) are at odds in “Pirates of the Curry Bean,” but they laugh more than they get angry.
“I’m the captain of the Curry Bean, and I have a really bright pink beard, but people can’t say the ‘P’ word, because it offends me,” said Waller, 11, a sixth-grader at Milam.
Capt. Redbeard may have anger issues, but Adm. Hornblower just isn’t too bright.
“I play a naval admiral who knows nothing about the ocean. He’s really, really, really dumb,” said Hart, a 10-year-old fifth-grader at Pierce Street Elementary.
Waller’s having fun playing a pirate.
“It’s really cool, but it’s hard to sing in a pirate voice,” she said. “But I get to wear an eyepatch and a hook.”
The pair say the play is so funny, it’s hard not to laugh during their scenes.
“You’re supposed to be quiet, but we can laugh backstage,” Hart said.
“Everyone cracks up,” Waller said.

• Dim the lights
What: Pied Piper Playhouse presents “Pirates of the Curry Bean”
When: 7 p.m. Nov. 16-17, 2 p.m. Nov. 18
Where: Milam Auditorium
Cost: $7/adults, $5/students
Info: (662) 346-3899

• “Pirates of the Curry Bean” cast: Kylee Stewart (Aunt Deadeye); Charlotte Locke (Pearl); Rob Parker (Jack); Tory Fox (Liza); James Estep (Stanley); Sarah Claire Miller (Fiddlesticks); Kaelin White (Capt. Cod); Trevor Hart (Adm. Hornhonker); Ella Kate Williams (Scuttle); Trinity Locke (Slack); Lia Burleson (Dunce); Jade Storment (Geek); Drew Locke (Lookout Lofty); Morgan Waller (Cutthroat Clegg); Jon Thomas Waller (Fender); Skyla Throckmorton (Fluke); Emma Kate Fox (Gooseneck); Catherine Estep (Grog); Victoria Jade Waller (Capt. Redbeard); Rebekah Buzzell (Loopy Louie); Magalie Martin (Squawk); Kaitlyn Haire (Baggywrinkle); Sarah Buzzell (Broadside); Paleif Raspberry (Bilboe); Andrew Miller (Bilge); Savana Ponders (Barnacles); Dominique Reed (Blunderbuss); Anna Mims (Bullyrag); Mya Bell (Ping); Lily Riddle (Pong); Rachel Burleson (Wiff); Nancy McLarty (Waff); Caleigh Martin (Tick); Blake Cook (Tack); Jaxon Mims (Toe); Hayden Tindell (Rat/Monkey)

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