Prepare for laughs, tears in romantic ‘Almost, Maine’

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

Love is in the air in Almost, Maine. On a cold, clear night in the tiny community, best friends fall for each other, a couple falls apart and strangers experience love at first sight – and that’s just a small part of the bigger story. Tupelo High School Theatre Company is presenting the romantic comedy “Almost, Maine,” next weekend, taking audiences on a trip to the small, magical, mythical town of Almost, Maine.
“There are nine different scenes, and they’re all about love in one way or another,” said director Allana Austin.
For example, there’s Randy (Hamilton Lence) and Gladys (Pierce Lehman), best friends who literally “fall” for each other.
Gayle (Mary Clair Kelly), unhappy with her boyfriend, Lendall (Alex Soderstrom), demands he give her back all of the love she gave him.
Glory (Laura Gray) and East (Colm McCool) are strangers, but their chance meeting is perfect: her heart is broken, but he’s a repairman.
“There are all of these individual stories, but they all take place in one Friday night. They all know each other, and they make reference to each other,” she said.
Not every story is full of hearts and flowers. One heart-breaking scene is about married couple Phil (Tyler Swinney) and Marci (Kaitlin Flowers), who are at the end of their relationship.
In their scene, called “Where It Went,” the couple have just gone ice skating and Marci has lost her shoe. As the couple wonders where it went, they also wonder, well, where their relationship went.
“It’s a play on ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop,’” Flowers said.
Whereas some of the other scenes are more light-hearted, Marci and Phil’s story is definitely more serious.
“It’s heavy,” Flowers said. “We’re not the sweet love story.”
On the other end of the spectrum is the odd love-at-first-sight story between two strangers.
McCool is having fun with his role as East, a repairman who finds the broken-hearted hiker Glory camping out in his back yard, and seeing how the pair’s story fits in with everyone else’s.
“There’s romance, tragedy, comedy,” McCool said. “This is like all of Shakespeare’s plays had a baby, but the focus is on romance.”

Dim The Lights
WHAT: Tupelo High School Theatre Company’s “Almost, Maine”

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Nov. 8-10

WHERE: THS Fine Arts Auditorium, Tupelo

COST: $5

INFO: (662) 840-1841

CAST LIST: Christian Bean (Pete), Lacey Carroll (Ginette), Colm Mc-
Cool (East), Laura Gray (Glory), Noah Cox (Jimmy), Shannon
Shepherd (Sandrine), Taylor Green (Waitress), Victoria Wise (Marvalyn),
Charlie Davis (Steve), Mary Clair Kelly (Gayle), Alex Soderstrom
(Lendall), Hamilton Lence (Randy), Pierce Lehman (Gladys),
Tyler Swinney (Phil), Kaitlin Flowers (Marci), Katelyn Stieg (Hope),
Ray Patrick (Dan), Morgan Southworth (Rhonda), Halcyon Morgan
(Dave), student directors Penelope Dao and Lacey Morgan

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