SADD offers alternatives to drinking on prom night

By Holly Wright

Daily Journal

For many teens, the prom is considered one of the significant highlights of their high school years.

When celebrating this meaningful night, the pressure to participate in underage drinking of alcoholic beverages is often at an all-time high.

According to Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), prom and graduation season is a time of year when teens are most likely to consume alcohol and most likely to get behind the wheel of a car after they have been drinking.

SADD offers suggestions on its Web site to combat the problem of underage drinking and other risky behaviors among teens during prom season and throughout the year.

Alternative all-night parties and pre-prom awareness activities can help lessen the likelihood that high school students will participate in risky behaviors.

Before the prom, awareness activities can be incorporated during the school day or after school hours.

SADD suggests a play or skit performed by students as a possibility.

Involving parents through a parents’ awareness night, including a speaker, presentation, skit or small group discussions, is another option suggested by SADD.

One of the more popular pre-prom activities sponsored by SADD is to have students sign a prom promise in which they state that they will remain sober for the prom. Temptations to drink abound at after-prom parties, and SADD offers ideas of alternative all-night get-togethers which can be sponsored by schools, churches or parents.

SADD’s suggestions for an alternative all-night party include:

Develop a theme: Tie all decorations and activities into the theme. Make sure activities are planned for every minute so no one will get bored.

Make it special: Offer activities teens won’t find elsewhere.

Plan the event: Check out different locations to hold the event.

Try a local health club where the pool, tennis courts and other facilities can be used.

Share concerns: Make the evening fun and exciting, but don’t forget to mention why an alcohol-free party is important.

Using these ideas or coming up with additional ones can help high school students remain alcohol-free on prom night, reducing the risk of car accidents and other potentially dangerous situations.

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