Randy Houser/Jamey Johnson show

Jamey Johnson is taking the stage at the BancorpSouth Arena as I type this. It’s 9:26, and my deadline is in four minutes.

That being said, I was able to get in plenty of details about opening act Randy Houser’s set in my story for Saturday’s paper, but I won’t be able to get in hardly anything about Johnson’s set.

I’ll do some blogging about it here – not a perfect recount of the whole night, but the highlights – and also be sure to see my Twitter page for mini-updates.

Johnson’s first song is “High Cost of Living,” followed by “Angel.”

Where Houser talked and really interacted with the crowed, Johnson hasn’t said a word in between songs.

Also – Houser tried out a lot of new songs in Tupelo tonight, and I have to say I liked all of his new songs just as much – if not more – than his more well-known tunes.

Johnson’s singing “Mowin’ Down the Roses,” and the Arena cheered when he sang the opening line, “Down in Mississippi.” Also got some cheers when he changed the line, “smoked ’em with some potpourri” to “smoked ’em with ole Willie’s weed.”

“The Door is Always Open” is next, followed by “Mary Go Round” – he’s sticking close to tracks from “That Lonesome Song.”

I said this on Twitter earlier and I’ll repeat it here – WOW, this is one loud show. That’s saying something, i think, since my hearing isn’t stellar, with all the shows I’ve been to/covered. I mentioned the loudness to Arena director Todd Hunt who said this wasn’t a country show – it had the twang, but it was loud like a rock show.

Thirty minutes into his set, and still nary a word from Johnson – he’s a music man. The crowd sure is cheering. “The Last Cowboy” has lots of people up, waving their beer or cell phones in the air..

Nearly an hour into the set and Johnson’s opening up some. “How you doing, Tupelo?” he said, and in the middle of “Women,” he asked, “Y’all hear us real good out there?”

During “In Color,” Johnson’s let the crowd sing most of it – the crowd sounds amazing! – and I think I’ve seen more lighters than cell phones.

Johnson’s welcomed Houser back on stage for a jam session – “We’re gonna hang around and drink and play some country music,” Johnson said. The pair are covering Charlie Daniels Band’s “South’s Gonna Do It Again.”

“Y’all like Merle Haggard?” Johnson asked, and started “You Take Me For Granted.”

Jam session seems to be the pair singing their favorite country songs. The two are singing “Long-Haired Country Boy.”

OK, y’all – gotta cut the blogging short to make it ahead of the crowd, and my computer’s gonna die before long. Thanks for reading..

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