‘ReCreation’: Origins church celebrates musical congregation with new compilation

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

It all started with Genesis.
“We were doing a sermon series on the book of Genesis, basically looking at how creativity is in the image of God,” said Jason McAnally, pastor of Origins church in Tupelo. “And speaking to the culture, musicians are almost like modern-day prophets. They see the problems of the world better than anyone.”
Looking at his congregation, McAnally saw the potential for creation.
“It’s in our DNA to create,” he said. “We want to be a community that fosters art. We have so many musicians, songwriters, photographers, designers.”
Origins hosted ReCreation, a concert featuring musicians who belong to the church; this week, “ReCreation,” the compilation album, was released.
The CD features songs by Origins members, like Tony Caldwell, Jake Wood, Drew Gatlin and McAnally and his wife, Melissa. Some songs were previously released – like Gatlin’s two songs, which are from his album “Flower Press” – while others are new.
Though the CD originated in a church, by church members, it’s not necessarily a Christian album.
“A few of the songs are about God, to God,” said Cody Hickman, whose band, The Embrace, kicks off the album with the new track “When We Were Honest.” “Some are about girls that make you happy, and girls that make you sad.”
McAnally said putting labels on the songs – like “secular” or “Christian” or “spiritual” – too narrowly defines the music.
“There’s such a large range of topics and full range of human emotions in the Bible,” McAnally said. “You have celebration; you have lament. But in Christian music, you don’t have that. We feel like, if God is real – and we’re banking on that – the whole world is spiritual. … If we talk about a relationship, that’s spiritual.”
Each musician or band was allowed to choose what song they’d contribute to “ReCreation.”
Much of the record was recorded and produced within Origins, too. With the exception of one track, “ReCreation” was recorded and produced by House Creative, a production studio headed up by Hickman and his Embrace bandmate and Origins member Bobby Hudspeth.
McAnally and Hickman hope “ReCreation” is the first in a series of creative projects that show off the talents of the Origins congregation.
“We want to be a church that betters our city,” McAnally said. “This is one way we can help with that.”

Get A Copy
ORIGINS’ “RECREATION” will have a CD release party on May 3. You can get a copy now by emailing Cody Hickman at cody@originstupelo.com or by picking them up at the Origins office or at Cafe 212. CDs are $10.

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