Religion Briefing March 16, 2013

By NEMS Daily Journal

Empty Bowls event tickets on sale
TUPELO – Tickets for the Salvation Army’s 15th annual Empty Bowls event are now on sale for $15 each.
They may be obtained by contacting the Army’s headquarters at (662) 842-9222. Tickets will also be sold at the Fairpark Salon, Reed’s Gift Shop, Midnite Pottery, Way-Fil Jewelry, and Stone’s Jewelry.
Pre-ordered and take out meals may also be obtained by contacting (662) 213-7596.
The event will take place on March 27 at the Tupelo Furniture Market’s Building V. At the event, attendees will sample soups from 70 local restaurants and walk away with a souvenir bowl from the Army’s women’s auxiliary or local potters.

Temple B’Nai Israel to hold Passover dinner
The Temple B’Nai Israel will hold a Passover dinner celebration on March 26 at 6 p.m.
Passover commemorates the Biblical story of the nation of Israel’s escape from Egypt. After attempts to persuade the Pharaoh with nine plagues failed, a tenth plague brought death to Egyptian first-borns. The evening before this plague, Israelites marked their doorposts with the blood of a spring lamb, a signal to the spirit of the Lord to pass over the first-borns in those homes.
The event will be held at the Tupelo Country Club. To make reservations contact (662) 841-1717. For more information, contact (662) 844-0800.

Franklin Graham backs background checks
The Rev. Franklin Graham and other leading evangelical figures are publicly backing efforts to require background checks for all gun purchases, providing a shot in the arm to stalled congressional efforts to enact elements of President Barack Obama’s gun control plan.
Dr. Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission wrote a letter to Obama in January on behalf of his organization pledging support to background check legislation, but his organization opposes the Assault Weapons Ban.
Land said the evangelical support for the background checks alone was tepid, and that to earn their help Obama would have to strengthen the mental health system and go after the entertainment industry, which, according to Land, promotes the culture of violence that affects the entire population.

This week’s answer
Q. What did the Lord use to part the Red Sea to make dry ground for the children of Israel to cross?
A. A STRONG EAST WIND (Exodus 14:21)

This week’s question
Q. What did Ezra stand on to read to Israel before the Watergate?
Questions by Claude Wilemon

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