(RNS1-JULY 15) Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston and seven other bishops celebrate Mass on the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona on April 1 to commemorate the deaths of migrants in the desert and to pray for immigration reform. (RNS)

By Riley Manning Daily Journal The issue of immigration reform is one of many facets, be it political, economic, legislative, or otherwise. But for the church, the Catholic church especially, the hope of immigration reform presents a moral imperative. Pastoral minister of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Booneville Sheila Przesmicki brings to bear […]

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Pam Fretz, from left, Pastor Dr. Rick Brooks and Stacey Fowler show examples of the miracle window necklaces, which were created by Wynelle Benson of the Brewer community from pieces of the stained-glass window broken by the April 28 tornado at St. Luke United Methodist Church.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – Months after the tornado that tore through the church, St. Luke United Methodist Church is still picking up the pieces in more ways than one. The April storm caused extensive damage to St. Luke, including the shattering of its sizable stained-glass window. When the storm subsided, choir director […]

BY BRANDON SPECK DAILY JOURNAL MEMPHIS – They’re controversial, with long hair, beards and a powerful message that scares a lot of people and gives a lot of people joy. Jesus Christ and rock ‘n’ roll have a lot more in common than many Christians believe. And Christians are more prevalent than ever in mainstream […]

by Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – Gloster St. Church of Christ, the “mother church” for most Churches of Christ in the area, will mark this month the centennial of their formation, and of an idea. The first congregation consisted of only three or four families, and met in the courthouse way back in 1914, […]

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Many catchphrases of the Christian faith are meant to be shorthand to deeper, more complex ideas. However, pastors caution that they lend themselves to over application, sometimes doing more harm than good.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal The word of God is anything but simple, but bumper sticker-sized catchphrases about faith seem to be a dime a dozen, from “God loves the sinner, but hates the sin,” to “God will never give you more than you can handle.” “Some are theologically accurate, but have been taken out […]

The Rev. Scott Larsen of Mineral Wells United Methodist Church in Olive Branch draws as he delivers a homily. By tradition, one preacher delivers sermons for each of the twice-daily services during Campground Meeting Week. (Chad Mills)

By Errol Castens Daily Journal When the yearly “Campground Meeting” time rolls around, some people have almost a biological urge to be in the circle of unpretentious shelters that surround the even more rustic tabernacle. Many of those who were in attendance last week have ties to the place and its traditions that go back […]

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Outpour, North Mississippi's chapter of pub theology, met on Tuesday at Spring Street Cigars to discuss the topics of death, mortality and the afterlife. The group's aim is to provide a casual forum to discuss theological topics in a fun, respectful manner, to learn about diverse belief systems and perhaps challenge well-established ones.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – Tuesday afternoon, a gathering of a dozen or so meandered about on the balcony of Spring Street Cigars. Most puffed fresh stogies from downstairs, and chatted about work or television. ESPN played on mute above the plush leather couches inside. As people drifted in, some brought dinner in […]

By Brandon Speck Daily Journal BELDEN – Tyson Lee spent his football career trying to figure out how to get into opposing defenses. His post-football career is spent finding ways into schools to spread the Christian message he holds atop the football honors he racked up as a quarterback at Columbus, Itawamba CC and Mississippi […]

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Pastor Daniel Mejia preaches about a passage from the Bible on Sunday evening during The Orchard Hispanos church service at Origins Church.

By JB Clark Daily Journal TUPELO – When Daniel Mejia left his home in Quito, Ecuador, to spend a summer learning about ministry at The Orchard in Tupelo, he fully intended to return to his home and work in his family’s ministry. Two years have passed, and the 25-year-old minister is still in Tupelo. Now, […]