By Riley Manning Daily Journal As with everyone at the turn of the New Year, the waning, post-Christmas days of December offer opportunity for pause and reflection. Pastors are no exception. Each year calls for a renewed direction for their congregation and themselves. The Rev. Will Rambo, teaching pastor at the Orchard in Tupelo, said […]

In the beginning was Christmas holiday. The man and the woman, previously alone in the garden, were suddenly surrounded by a great host of houseguests, and lo, there were two grandsons. The woman said to the other woman, “Come, let us go unto Target, to see the things which are on sale, the things which […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – In the Catholic world, New Year’s Day is a holy day of obligation in honor of the Biblical Mary. Members of St. James Catholic Church gathered for an hour vigil mass Thursday afternoon before beginning their New Year’s Eve festivities. “What better way to bring in the new […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Catholics across the world will celebrate the Virgin Mary’s role as mother to Jesus Christ. The Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God is a feast day in the Catholic church. “The idea of motherhood, of Mary as the […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal Well after dark on New Year’s Eve, several congregations will gather to meet the New Year with worship. “It’s a time to recognize the same God that brought you from your past will bring you into the future,” said the Rev. Cordell Phillips, pastor of Inspirational Community Baptist Church in […]


By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – For those concerned with keeping the reason for the season in mind, area churches are offering a plethora of worship experiences on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Many ministers say these services rank among the most convivial of the year. “Christmas Eve is always a simple service,” said […]

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The Rev. Steve Weaver and Reed Luther lead the congregation in song Wednesday evening at the Laodicea Primitive Baptist Church in Lafayette Springs. The church is celebrating its 175th anniversary in the original building.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal LAFAYETTE SPRINGS – They don’t make them like they used to – churches, that is – but the old way has served Laodicea Primitive Baptist Church well for the past 175 years. It celebrated its latest anniversary last Saturday and looks forward to many more. The church is located in […]

My maternal grandfather was a mall Santa. It was at the old Tupelo Mall in the early ‘80s, where iPhone-less teens would check out the new records at Album Alley, head over to Orange Julius for a slice of pizza, then maybe try on some of those rad acid-washed jeans. The little people headed to […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – In July, the Rev. Sherry Horton, pastor of First Christian Church, said for her congregation to be back in their church by Christmas would take a little bit of a miracle. With multiple crews working on different aspects of the building, a Christmas Eve service is almost a […]