I take naps. There. I’ve said it. We nappers take a lot of grief from the non-napping world, probably more than we know, since we’re asleep during part of it. The non-nappers see it as a character problem. When you tell them you are about to take a nap, or that you’ve just awakened from […]

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Father Don Berge, center, begins worship at St. Paul's Orthodox Church in Tupelo. Orthodox churches hold the same services as the original church started by Paul in the book of Acts. Despite being the second-largest Christian sect in the world, it is still relatively new in North America, but thrives in Egypt, Russia, Japan, and other places across the globe.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal Plenty of Christian traditions have their fondly held roots: the Presbyterians back to Scotland, the Catholics back to Rome, and so on. But the Orthodox Church is the root, the original church started by the Apostle Paul in the book of Acts. “The divine liturgy and mass we hold has […]

I walked out on the porch early one morning to find a spider web shimmering in the sunlight – back-lit, intricate, vibrating gently. The central web of tight, concentric, dew-damp circles fanned out to form a delicate kite shape. The four points of the kite sent gossamer cables out to the supporting structures that held […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – With the worst of the winter weather in the rearview, several Tupelo churches look forward to resuming their annual Lenten Luncheon series. Beginning the day after Ash Wednesday, miniature noon devotions are held at a different church each Thursday through Good Friday. First Presbyterian Church in Tupelo will […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal They say nothing in this life is certain except death and taxes. That’s something that has been true for a long time. In fact, Jesus spoke more about taxes and money than he did about hell. Filing W-2 and I-9 forms can be dry, meticulous work, but for Christians, financial […]

A while back our dishwasher stopped working. It was very old, and I think it was just tired. It simply gave up. For a couple of days, we kept loading dishes into it, pushing the buttons on the front, and hoping for a turnaround. Once, I thought I saw the “normal wash” light blink faintly […]

Back in the summer, my son, home from college, wrecked my car. It wasn’t his fault. He was struck by a flying roll of foam carpet pad. I’m pretty sure Mississippi, and possibly West Virginia, are the only states where “Airborne Carpet Pad” is on the official list of options for “Cause of Accident.” He […]

Everyone knows Psalm 23, which portrays the lord as a shepherd, guiding his sheep beside still waters and green pastures. But the metaphor of the shepherd goes much deeper than it may seem on the surface. (Courtesy)

By Riley Manning Daily Journal If you ask the Rev. Will Rambo, teaching pastor at The Orchard in Tupelo, one of the funny things about the Holy Land is the proximity of the ancient, the mythical, to the modern. Take occupations, for instance. Fishermen still cast their nets off the coast of Galilee. Shepherds still […]

I spent the morning in the dentist’s office, having a wisdom tooth pulled. I do not recommend the experience. On the plus side, I did also have nitrous oxide gas, which I do recommend. As a person who used to enjoy the occasional altered state, I can’t say I wasn’t excited about the gas. It […]