By Riley Manning Daily Journal Father Lincoln Dall, priest at St. James Catholic Church in Tupelo, waited out the storm in the basement of the St. James office, behind the church on Gloster Street. Huddled with the two office cats, he said all he could hear above was the great snapping of trees. “I was […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – Six months ago, the Rev. Rick Brooks stood in the husk of St. Luke United Methodist Church’s sanctuary. Half a year after the storm Tupelo won’t soon forget, he said he was looking forward to six more months of progress. Following the storm, it was revealed the structure […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal The recognition of saints is one of the hallmarks of the Catholic faith, but it wasn’t a formal process carried out by the Vatican until the 18th century. “Until then it was much more local. A town could just decide someone was a saint,” said Sheila Przesmicki, pastoral minister of […]

When I was in the eighth grade, I was a founding member of a bluegrass boy band. It is a little-known genre. It was 1976, the year of the Bicentennial and the age of velour and macramé. Verona Junior High School staged a talent show that my group was part of. I remember we all […]

Susan and I are remodeling our guest bathroom, a process that has now taken about two months and has involved an endless series of decisions, each of which has threatened to dissolve our previously happy marriage. We spent most of the day Saturday looking for a mirror, endlessly circling the booths of an antiques mall, […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal The little white church of Elvis’ childhood will get a breath of new life this year, as a strong Assembly of God congregation in Southaven makes plans to form a church plant in Tupelo. The effort will revitalize what is currently East Heights Assembly of God Church on Briar Ridge […]

“Good morning! It’s six degrees and we have six and a half inches of snow on the ground. The flush toilets are frozen solid, so please use the pit toilet.” That was the weather report two Saturday mornings ago on top of Mount LeConte, cheerfully broadcast by a young, apple-cheeked, Patagonia-clad member of the staff […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal Perhaps the greatest irony of scripture is the fact that when the Old Testament prophets spoke, their predictions, which may seem obvious from a post-resurrection perspective, flew far over their listeners’ heads. How could they have known what it would come to mean? What could they say but “the Lord […]

I spent a brisk Sunday afternoon sitting out on the porch smoking a big stinky cigar and reading an essay about the early twentieth-century arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Steffanson. He wrote a book in 1921 called “The Friendly Arctic,” in which he recounted the delights of living and exploring in the Far North. He traveled 20,000 […]