By Riley Manning Daily Journal In the early days of the Vietnam War, soldiers hit in battle had a special radio frequency to call for help. All they had to say was, “I need Dustoff.” “Dustoff” would summon a helicopter to evacuate the wounded. “There was a special bond between ground soldiers and helicopter pilots […]

My wife was recently at the deli in our local grocery store, trying to choose a cheese, which is no picnic these days. When did cheese get so complicated? There were logs of smoked Gouda, torpedoes of pale Provolone, pudgy wheels of baby Swiss, a speckled brick of Colby Jack, plus the jumble of confusing, […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – Time to Revive ministries will conclude its Revive Tupelo campaign today with one final push of evangelism. A mixture of local and out-of-town Christians have been roving Tupelo since Monday, extending to people on the street the simple offer to pray with them. Lela Payne, a Tupelo volunteer, […]

By Adam Armour Itawamba County Times Standing on the banks of the Tenn-Tom waterway, the members of Golden-based bluegrass group Heaven’s Mountain Band plucked the strings of their instruments in warm up. They looked at each other, nodded wordlessly, and without a count off, began to play, intermittently joining in within a few seconds of […]

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Pastor Kyle Felke of Valparaiso, Indiana, worships during a Revive Tupelo worship service held during lunch at the Temple of Compassion and Deliverance church in Tupelo on Monday.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – Visitors from across the country rolled into town over the weekend to kick off Revive Tupelo’s week of intense ministry. Revive Tupelo is a project of Time to Revive ministries, a Dallas-based organization purposed to equip local church members to spread the gospel person-to-person. Nearly 130 participants gathered […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal Just over a year ago, Crystal Hill was a woman who had fallen through the cracks. Living in a mobile home in Verona with her three children and working in a fast-food restaurant, she said she didn’t have much of an idea for a future. You can’t, she said, when […]

My wife sent me to the animal clinic a couple of days ago to pick up our dog, who had gotten her annual shots. “Pick her up in your truck,” she instructed. “I don’t want her to get hair all over my car.” Our dog is snow white and sheds continuously in a way that […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal The spirits of fellowship and good will were alive even among pets as All Saints’ Episcopal Church held their annual Blessing of the Animals ceremony Sunday afternoon. Though mostly dogs were present, it was clear that man’s best friend may also have scales. Sam Alton Westmoreland attended the ceremony with […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal Earlier this month, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby called for a gathering of the Anglican Communion in what is expected to be an attempt at healing. The Anglican Communion has been troubled following the 2003 induction of the first openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson, by the Episcopal Church of the […]