By Riley Manning Daily Journal As photographer Thomas Wells and I were turning to leave, Philip Lindsey told us he had one more thing to show us. We followed him around the back of the barn. “You can tell I built the barn first, because it looks so bad. I’m no carpenter,” he tells us. […]

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Monks at Magnolia Grove Monastery in Batesville listen to the bell and recite Buddhism's five contemplations before their noon meal on Sept. 18. Buddhism's practices of mindfulness help them keep in touch with their soul, which they define as the part of a person that seeks freedom from compulsion, distraction, and the ego.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal ‘Bless my soul,’ ‘He’s got soul,’ ‘Save my soul,” “She’s an old soul.” The word “soul” has found its way into our every day vernacular, but what exactly is it? Even among thinkers concerned more with philosophy than religion, perhaps especially so, the concept of the soul is one of […]

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Mike Pittman fills his roaster with coffee beans on Oct. 1 at his workshop in the Brewer community. Pittman and his wife run My Brother's Cup coffee, a coffee delivery service, and use 90 percent of the proceeds to fund his missionary work in Asia.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – In the corner of a metal warehouse in the Brewer community, Mike Pittman measures out jugs of raw coffee beans that come in hefty burlap sacks from Ethiopia, New Guinea, and Puerto Rico. Using a one-man industrial roaster he purchased himself, Pittman processes the coffee all the way […]

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Tom Robinson, of Tupelo, walks into the parking lot of All Saints Episcopal Church with his 15-month-old Golden Doodle Trisket to be blessed by the Rev. Paul Stephens.

By Sheena Barnett Daily Journal TUPELO – All sizes of critters, from as big as a horse to as small as a newborn kitten, were blessed at the 20th annual Blessing of the Animals on Sunday. Hound dogs, bulldogs, cats, chicks and even a monkey and a horse lined up to receive their blessings from […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal The Rt. Rev. Kee Sloan’s new novel “Jabbock” is almost a lifetime in the making. Now a bishop in the Episcopal Church for the Diocese of Alabama, Sloan first put pen to paper while in seminary in 1978. The story, he said, is that of a young man growing up […]

By Emily Newton In September, the Freedom from Religion Foundation submitted an open records request to the University of Mississippi for emails between athletes and football chaplain John Powell, and 11 days later, requested the same from Mississippi State University in regards to their football chaplain Bill Buckley. The Freedom from Religion Foundation is […]

The Orchard Oxford recently changed homes and is in a facility at 295 Highway 7 North. (Courtesy)

By Errol Castens Daily Journal OXFORD – It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that The Orchard Oxford aims at the biblical principle of new life. The United Methodist congregation, planted by The Orchard in Tupelo, aims to be “a church for everyone.” An ironic application of that principle is that the church has just […]

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Christian rappers Robin "IamLenflow" Ruth and Joson "JWatt" Watkins traveled to Atlanta last weekend to compete in a Christian hip-hop showcase. They've come a long way since their first appearance at the showcase in March.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal A lot has changed for Christian rap artists Joson Watkins, known onstage as JWat, and Robbin Ruth, known as IamLenflow, since March. At the time, they were preparing to travel to Columbia, South Carolina, for their first Christian hip-hop artist showcase. “It’s mindblowing,” Ruth said, “To think of where we […]

Daily Journal JACKSON – The Rev. Brian Seage will be ordained and consecrated as bishop coadjutor of the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi today in a special service at the Jackson Convention Center. Seage, former rector of St. Columb’s Episcopal Church in Ridgeland, will succeed the Rt. Rev. Duncan M. Gray as bishop of the diocese […]