I guess I’m at the age where, if something breaks, you don’t fix it, since you’ll probably die soon anyway. If the high-beam setting on the car headlights stops working, then just squint into the darkness, hope for the best, and avoid roads preferred by joggers, who should know better anyway. This rule especially applies […]

By W. Derek Russell Daily Journal TUPELO – In the ashes of a storm that devastated the community last spring, structures have begun to rise atop former spots of worship along the skyline of McCullough Boulevard. St. Luke United Methodist Church was reduced to protruding steel and splinters on April 28, 2014, leaving the congregation […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal “A rolling stone gathers no moss” might be the phrase of the United Methodist Church’s pastor appointment system, as ministers receive word on whether they will stay at their current churches. In the Tupelo District of the United Methodist Church, 13 congregations will bid farewell to their pastors, the largest […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – On Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, Ollie Collins unlocks the back door to an office suite on Main Street, and sits down in his two-room studio. It is the quiet kind of early, but Collins is dressed neat as a pin, from his socks to his necktie. Around […]

We spent last weekend in Knoxville, visiting our daughter’s family. She and her husband Jesse have two boys, Davey and Milo. Milo turned 1-year-old on Saturday, and there was an outdoor party at their house in his honor. The party was what I’d call “elegant crunchy.” Everything – the cake, the gifts, the snacks, even […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – In honor of the Rev. Forrest Sheffield’s retirement from Harrisburg Baptist Church, leaders from the congregation and the Southern Baptist Convention extolled the virtues of Sheffield’s ministry, and spun a few yarns as well. “Once, I drove him up to his brother’s ranch in Oklahoma. We’d driven all […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – This week, the Rev. Carson Overstreet has been Wonder Woman, Bob Marley, a game show host, and more during First Presbyterian Church’s vacation Bible school, which concluded Friday. “Our word of the day is ‘Care,’” she reminded the over 150 campers as they closed out the day on […]

I drove up to our house today to find a squirrel on our porch, and another who was just leaving. They didn’t scatter in a panic as expected; instead, they ambled away casually, without what I would consider to be an appropriate level of fear, or at least respect, for the humans with whom they […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – White Hill Missionary Baptist Church isn’t just preparing its youth for a fruitful spiritual life, it’s getting them ready to handle the concrete world, as well. Around 15 of its youth have taken to local businesses for the summer as interns, working 20 hours per week and reporting […]