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The Southern Progressive Alliance for Exploring Religion president Jim High discusses books he has read since the last meeting and how they pertain to religion at the SPAFER roadhouse meeting on Feb. 7. SPAFER meets once a month at the Link Center in Tupelo.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – Each month, a small group of knowledge-seekers congregate at the Link Centre to contemplate the big things. The Southern Progressive Alliance For Exploring Religion (SPAFER) opens with a light discussion of books attendees have read since the last meeting. Member Steve Stall, for instance, gave a run-down of […]

Editor’s note: Today we introduce a new Religion section columnist, David Pannell. He describes himself as “a recovering farmer and the reluctant pastor of Common Ground Christian Church in Wren, Mississippi.” Contact him at ––––– My wife got a new phone – the iPhone 4S. It’s not the very latest, but it’s a huge […]

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While most readers of the Bible view it as a sacred text, it falls into certain narrative traditions the same way classic works of literature like "Moby Dick," "War and Peace," and "The Wasteland" do. In fact, examining the Bible through the lens of literary analysis may offer a refreshing new entry point into the Bible's context and meaning.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal What is the Bible? Is it a narrative? A history? A manual for life? “There are several different ways to approach the Bible,” said the Rev. Chris McAlilly, pastor of Oxford University United Methodist Church. “A person’s expectations have a lot to do with what they get out of scripture.” […]

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By Riley Manning Daily Journal Scripture can be pretty hard on doubters. “One who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind … he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways,” reads the first chapter of James. “O you of little faith,” Jesus says to […]


By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – American Family Radio host Bryan Fischer is now “just a talk show host,” according to AFA president Tim Wildmon. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow announced on her self-titled program Wednesday night that Fischer had been “fired” from his position at AFA as director of issues analysis, prompting a surge […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – With the recent announcement of the Rev. Forrest Sheffield’s retirement in June from Harrisburg Baptist Church, three of the area’s largest Southern Baptist Convention congregations find themselves in various stages of pastoral limbo. It started last March, with the departure of the Rev. David Eldridge from Calvary Baptist […]

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The Rev. Forrest Sheffield, pastor of Harrisburg Baptist Church, will hand over the reins in June. Though he still plans to actively minister, he's looking forward to a work week less than 60 hours.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – When the Rev. Forrest Sheffield felt the call to become a preacher at age 19, it was a sensation he couldn’t argue with. “It was really a surrender,” he said. “I felt God’s hand on my heart, and when that happens, you just know.” Now, at 65, things […]

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Gary Dawson, from left, Shane Scribner and Glen Beverly have all overcome an addiction of one kind or another and have joined forces to help others overcome theirs with the founding of Broken Lives Ministries in Skyline.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal SKYLINE – Shane Scribner found Jesus in jail, hit his knees on the cold concrete floor in front of 35 inmates and gave his life to God. An addict and an alcoholic, he lost his wife and children when they moved to Chicago, and he lost his construction business. “I […]

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Suellen Estes, left, was inspired by the life of Bishop Hardy Lee Coleman, center, and his wife Ann Coleman.  In 1922, Coleman began as a sharecropper's son, and went on to lay the foundation for several Churches of the Living God in North Mississippi.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal Some people like to watch things happen. Some people like to make things happen. That’s the motto of Bishop Hardy Lee Coleman, a 92-year-old pastor from Benton County. Coleman began his ministry at age 19, and while that may sound young by today’s standards, by the time he preached his […]