“Good morning! It’s six degrees and we have six and a half inches of snow on the ground. The flush toilets are frozen solid, so please use the pit toilet.” That was the weather report two Saturday mornings ago on top of Mount LeConte, cheerfully broadcast by a young, apple-cheeked, Patagonia-clad member of the staff […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal Perhaps the greatest irony of scripture is the fact that when the Old Testament prophets spoke, their predictions, which may seem obvious from a post-resurrection perspective, flew far over their listeners’ heads. How could they have known what it would come to mean? What could they say but “the Lord […]

I spent a brisk Sunday afternoon sitting out on the porch smoking a big stinky cigar and reading an essay about the early twentieth-century arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Steffanson. He wrote a book in 1921 called “The Friendly Arctic,” in which he recounted the delights of living and exploring in the Far North. He traveled 20,000 […]

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St. James youth Luz Elena Costa, left, and Luis Beristain, portray Mary and Jesus in the tomb during the Stations of the Cross on Friday afternoon at St. James Catholic Church.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – Luis Beristain was aware of what playing Jesus would require, as he donned the crown of thorns for St. James Catholic Church’s annual Stations of the Cross service. But the first lash still surprised him. “You know what’s coming, and it wasn’t hard or anything, but it caught […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal The discussion over the Trinity is one of the oldest in the faith, equally steeped in theology and church history. In many ways it is a question of Christ’s personhood, his humanity, and in others, an idea of God’s true nature, as well as the way Christians are meant to […]

My wife and I belong to our local Wellness Center, which offers a wide variety of group exercise classes. A few nights ago, we decided to check out Pilates. I always thought of Pilates as kind of a ladies’ thing. You never hear guys saying, “Dude, I almost puked in that Pilates class.” I called […]

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William Hawkins, 86, of Nettleton, is on hospice care and suffers from COPD. For him and other hospice patients, impending death demands reflection on faith, and how life was spent.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal Perhaps it’s easy for a person to say they don’t fear death when they’re not looking it in the eye, but for William Hawkins and folks like him, the grim reaper isn’t a lifetime away. He’s coming up the street. But still. “I ain’t got much longer here,” the 86-year-old […]

I take naps. There. I’ve said it. We nappers take a lot of grief from the non-napping world, probably more than we know, since we’re asleep during part of it. The non-nappers see it as a character problem. When you tell them you are about to take a nap, or that you’ve just awakened from […]

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Father Don Berge, center, begins worship at St. Paul's Orthodox Church in Tupelo. Orthodox churches hold the same services as the original church started by Paul in the book of Acts. Despite being the second-largest Christian sect in the world, it is still relatively new in North America, but thrives in Egypt, Russia, Japan, and other places across the globe.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal Plenty of Christian traditions have their fondly held roots: the Presbyterians back to Scotland, the Catholics back to Rome, and so on. But the Orthodox Church is the root, the original church started by the Apostle Paul in the book of Acts. “The divine liturgy and mass we hold has […]