Raquel Thompson, Hispanic Coordinator at St. James Catholic Church in Tupelo, sorts through items to be used for the Three Kings Day Celebration on Sunday.

BY DAVID PANNELL DAILY JOURNAL For lots of people, Friday, Jan. 6, was just another day. Christmas presents were long gone and the decorations were already back in the attic. Another New Year’s Day was in the can, and life had returned to normal. Not so for many Hispanic Catholics in the United States and […]

Remember Mood Rings? They were wildly popular for about five minutes back in the ‘70s, just before rainbow suspenders and right after Watergate. They were the perfect accessory for the “‘Me’ Decade,” when everyone thought, more than anything, the whole waiting world wanted – no, needed – to know, what your mood was at any […]

Have you ever heard of a coffee closet? Well, neither have I, but I think I just invented it. Allow me to explain. A coffee closet is designed specifically for the parents of toddlers, and it is just what it sounds like. It is a closet where people with toddlers can go to escape their […]

By David Pannell Daily Journal TUPELO – If you met Tony Kelsie for the first time, you might not peg him for a pastor. He’s in his mid-50s, but he radiates the natural vigor and strength of a much younger man. He’s a tall, athletic guy with wide hands, broad shoulders, and an air of […]

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas Eve. I love it and I hate it, and sometimes I love to hate it. Before you rush to judgment, let me explain. Christmas Eve is all about desire. After all, no Christmas is complete without Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.” But desire is tricky. Desire gone […]

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Eileen LaPak gets into the Christmas spirit with her Santa hat as members of the St. James Catholic Church youth choir perform Tuesday at Traceway Manor in Tupelo.

By Zack Orsborn Daily Journal TUPELO – Five days before Christmas, the St. James Catholic Church youth group decided to visit residents at Traceway Retirement Community for an afternoon of Christmas caroling and baked goods. Two years ago, St. James started a ministry at Traceway, so they wanted to continue lifting spirits on Tuesday during […]

By David Pannell Daily Journal TUPELO – Father Paul Stephens is easy to spot around town. With his beard and tortoise-shell glasses, his black shirt with white clerical collar, his silver cross necklace, and his dignified, scholarly bearing, he looks like a parish priest from central casting. You may have seen him on Sunday mornings, […]

A few months ago, my wife and I went down to Magee, Mississippi, to visit my mother and stepfather. The road to Magee passes through Mize, home of the Hamburger House. Situated on a cratered gravel corner in the disheartening heart of Mize, the Hamburger House is an unlovely, low-slung diner, built in the doo-wop […]

By David Pannell Daily Journal TUPELO – ‘Tis the season for scratchy angel wings and manger malfunctions, eleventh-hour alterations and opening night jitters. After months of herding children, building sets, sewing costumes, and rehearsing music, it’s almost showtime for Christmas programs at churches all over north Mississippi. Christmas pageants run the gamut, from simple, homespun […]