Albert Einstein never learned to drive a car. Like hair care, it was just something that didn’t interest him. Whenever he was in a car, it was driven either by a family member or a chauffeur, leaving his mind free to ponder the things all of us wonder about, such as: Would the space-time around […]

By David Pannell Daily Journal TUPELO – In the business world, if accounts can’t be reconciled, there’s a problem. In fact, it’s probably a deal-breaker. In marriage, if there’s an irreconcilable difference, the marriage may end. But what about the church? What happens when its members are not reconciled to one another? According to Jesus, […]

My grandson was a triangle for Halloween this year. Other kids were Pokemon or Captain America or Harley Quinn, but not little Milo. He was a 3-year-old with three straight sides and three angles. My daughter sent us a picture of him in his costume, which she designed and crafted at home, from scratch. It […]

By David Pannell Daily Journal TUPELO – In the Thanksgiving season, we stop to count our blessings, and for a while, some of us stop counting calories, too. Many of us are surrounded by so much food we hardly know what to do with it. Yet the Thanksgiving season shines a light on a daunting […]

I have a story to tell you. It is so outlandish you may think it is a lie, or, as we preachers like to call it, an “illustration.” It is not. It’s about a pony, an outhouse, and a daring rescue, and I assure you, it is absolutely true. A few decades ago, a friend […]

By David Pannell Daily Journal SALEM CAMPGROUND – Down in south Mississippi, nestled in the Piney Woods, sits Salem Campground – the oldest, continuously running Methodist camp meeting in the state. They just said the final “amen” at their 190th annual week-long fall meeting, which has taken place every year since 1826, except for two […]

In Bill Bryson’s book, “One Summer,” he recounts the zany summer of 1927, in which so many memorable things happened. In that summer, the Mississippi River flooded from Illinois to New Orleans, and Charles Lindbergh received the Distinguished Flying Cross for his transatlantic flight. Mount Rushmore was dedicated and “The Jazz Singer” with Al Jolson […]

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Bissell Baptist Church Rev. Roger Smith and his wife, Eleanor, sit in the pew at the church , which is celebrating its 115 anniversary.

By David Pannell Special to the Daily Journal TUPELO – Bissell Baptist Church turns 115 years old this year, which means they were gearing up to form their congregation around 1900 – the year the first zeppelin took flight and the year Casey Jones wrecked the Cannonball Express in Vaughn, Mississippi. In 1900, the sound […]

“I’m bored.” It’s a phrase no one wants to hear, right up there with “President Trump” or ”President Clinton.” It’s also an experience no one wants to have, as anyone who has ever watched CNN or been trapped in a conversation about wine can attest. Adults especially hate to hear it from their children. It […]