By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – This week, the Rev. Carson Overstreet has been Wonder Woman, Bob Marley, a game show host, and more during First Presbyterian Church’s vacation Bible school, which concluded Friday. “Our word of the day is ‘Care,’” she reminded the over 150 campers as they closed out the day on […]

I drove up to our house today to find a squirrel on our porch, and another who was just leaving. They didn’t scatter in a panic as expected; instead, they ambled away casually, without what I would consider to be an appropriate level of fear, or at least respect, for the humans with whom they […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – White Hill Missionary Baptist Church isn’t just preparing its youth for a fruitful spiritual life, it’s getting them ready to handle the concrete world, as well. Around 15 of its youth have taken to local businesses for the summer as interns, working 20 hours per week and reporting […]

I spent most of the day on the Tanglefoot Trail, the rails-to-trails project that runs 40 miles one way, from Houston to New Albany. It was perfect. The weather was sunny and cool, the sky cloudless, and the fields and woods blooming a spring spectrum of green. It’s a smooth, paved trail that wanders along […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal The 15 members of the Africa University Choir have journeyed a long way to perform at venues across Mississippi and North Carolina. In country since the middle of May, the choir has belted its songs for retirement homes, churches and civic clubs from Graceland to Hattiesburg. “We’ve gotten different responses […]

Did you know that the honeybee is the only insect to produce a useable surplus of honey? The wasp and the yellowjacket make a watery, honey-like substance, but that’s like saying Coca-Cola makes Coke, and Chek Cola also makes a Coke-like substance. Neither the wasp nor the yelowjacket makes a surplus. Then again, who’d want […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal The Rev. David Pannell has long considered himself an outcast, of sorts. The son of a fire-and-brimestone Christian Church pastor, over the years he has been a farmer, a journalist, a man of almost no faith, a Unitarian, as well as a father, husband and now preacher. “But I have […]

A couple of days ago, I was in a well-known restaurant that specializes in breakfast. If I told you the name, you’d know it. Let’s call it Flapjack Home. It’s the kind of place where the waitresses scream orders in code and you can watch the cook smother and cover hashbrowns with cheese and cigarette […]

Simon Bolivar said, “The fool plows the sea.” I would add, “And the Labrador plows the sidewalk.” Let me explain. We recently adopted a rescue dog – a yellow Labrador Retriever named Snow. She’s about a year old and about fifty pounds, but she has the strength of many horses. She is, to use a […]