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Ethan Easterling, playing Jesus, depicts the healing of a man during Hope Church's dress rehearsal for its Easter pageant Wednesday night.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal As Easter draws near, some churches in the area are taking their passion to the stage with all manner of free dramas, musicals and productions. Last Easter, Hope Church in Tupelo brought back its generation-old tradition of an extravagant musical production of the Easter story. The event’s success surpassed the […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – Temple B’Nai Israel gathered at Park Heights on Tuesday night to celebrate Passover with a community seder, and recount the Exodus story of the Jewish people’s escape from their bondage in Egypt. Temple B’Nai’s Marc Perler led the group of 48 through the readings and rituals of the […]

For the past few weeks, many Christians have journeyed through the penitent season of Lent. Beginning on Ash Wednesday and culminating 40 days later on Easter Sunday, Lent signifies Christ’s 40 days of fasting in the wilderness. Heading into the final week of Lent, Holy Week, the Rev. Lincoln Dall, priest at St. James Catholic […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal IUKA – Growing up in the 1950s, the Rev. Nick Phillips, pastor of New Hope Presbyterian Church in Biggersville and lawyer at Phillips and Phillips law firm in Iuka, remembers his family tradition of reading the Sunday morning comic strips together before getting up to do anything else. He recalls […]

The story of Jonah is one in the endless number of biblical characters that inspire the imagination. Over the course of their ministry, local pastors have developed their own affinity for particular scriptural characters. (File)

By Riley Manning Daily Journal In the Christian canon, all figures fall short in the shadow of the big JC, but for many, scripture captured the imagination as children in the form of figures like Samson or Jonah. From Esau to Methuselah, the amount of names in the Bible are as numerous as grains of […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – The pastor of one of Tupelo’s largest congregations has announced his resignation. The Rev. David Eldridge informed his 1,800-member Calvary Baptist Church congregation Sunday that he would be absent from the pulpit this Sunday to preach at First Baptist Church in Clinton in view of a call to […]

LAUREL (AP) – A Mississippi church had been promoting a speaker for several weeks with ads that had the American flag on the banner. One thing led to another, and the community believed former president George W. Bush was coming to town. When they showed up Sunday night, the Bethlehem Community Church church’s entrance was […]

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Anthony Mayfield, 7, stands in the center aisle holding hands with other church members during a prayer led by Bishop Joseph Kopacz at St. James Catholic Church in Tupelo on Sunday morning.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal The St. James parish in Tupelo is becoming somewhat of a second home to the newly appointed bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Jackson. Bishop Joseph Kopacz, the diocese’s 11th bishop following the resignation of 10-year bishop Joseph Latino in December, delivered the English and Spanish masses at St. James […]

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For decades, Fulton's Alan Naylor has been crafting both typical and atypical creations out of wood. Take, for example, this miniature church (that is, miniature by building standards; it actually stands four feet at its highest point). A work-in-progress, Naylor is building this one for the congregation of a church in Smithville. Naylor said he enjoys the satisfaction that comes with creation.

By Adam Armour Itawamba County Times FULTON – Lately, Alan Naylor has been building a church. It’s not a big church by conventional standards. The fact it’s able to sit on a worktable in his basement is a dead giveaway of that. But standing approximately four feet tall at the tip of its towering steeple, […]