Remembering Andy Hallett

I posted earlier this week about Andy Hallett, the actor who starred as Lorne in “Angel.”

Hallett, 33, passed away of heart failure.

As an “Angel” fan, Hallett’s death has broken my heart. Hallett was perfect as the demon bar owner, Lorne. I was surprised to learn that Lorne was his first acting job. He always seemed so comfortable embodying this green, karaoke-singing, L.A.-loving demon. His performance was always pitch-perfect.

Tim Minear, who served as writer and director of many episodes of “Angel,” has posted this terrific video of some of Hallett’s best scenes from “Angel.”

Also, if you’d like to send your condoences to Hallett’s family, you can do so here.

Feel free to share your favorite Lorne moment.

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