Rocket 88: Mississippi music

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What: Yocona River Inn Benefit with Rocket 88, Blue Mountain, Kenny Brown
When: 9 p.m., Thursday
Where: Proud Larry’s Oxford
Cost: $10
Info: (662) 236-0050

By Sheena Barnett
NEMS Daily Journal

Some bands are in it for the money, some bands are in it for the fame.
Rocket 88 is in it for the music.
Rocket 88 is made up of music lovers who write music for other music lovers. The band’s name is a tribute to the track that’s considered the first rock ’n’ roll song.
“We’re a local band’s band,” said Rocket 88’s chief songwriter, Jamie Posey. “Typically musicians know music, and I think we’re thought of as a musician’s band. A lot of our fans are musicians and fans of good music.”
Posey and his bandmates, Ryan Rogers, Rosamond Posey, Nathan Robbins and Robert Chaffe, love Mississippi music, and have let their surroundings influence their bluesy, country-rock style.
“I think the live show features our influences,” Posey said. “It’s a gumbo, if you will. You’ll hear a gospel song or two, you’ll hear some hill country blues, you’ll hear some honky tonky country and some old, traditional country – not the new country. And you’ll hear some songs you don’t hear covered often.”
Rocket 88 is based out of Oxford and has pulled influences from its Lafayette County peers as well.
“We’ve been exposed to hill country blues, being from North Mississippi, so that’s influenced our sound. Being a band from Oxford, we grew up hearing Blue Mountain, the Kudzu Kings, The Tangents, Beanland…they definitely influenced our sound, for sure,” he said.
If anything, Rocket 88 is a live band.
The band keeps a steady roster of gigs booked, and will take off for a short East Coast tour in August.
That doesn’t leave a lot of time for the studio, but the group promises to return soon.
Rocket 88 released its debut record, “Full Circle,” in April 2008.
“We’ve got five new songs written,” he said. “Once we get another collection of about 10 or so, we’ll probably go back in (the studio), but that’ll be next spring, maybe.”
“We grew up listening to a lot of famous musicians and famous music from Mississippi, and you can’t help but feel the pride in the state,” Posey said. “We’re definitely Mississippi-made, because that’s our raising, that’s our background. Oxford’s taken that rough mold and shaped it down even further.”

Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

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