Rush of Fools headlines Christian festival Audios Summer

Alabama worship band Rush of Fools is on the road promoting its latest record, “Carry Us Now.” Check out the band online at (Courtesy)

Alabama worship band Rush of Fools is on the road promoting its latest record, “Carry Us Now.” Check out the band online at (Courtesy)

By Sheena Barnett

Daily Journal

NEW ALBANY – Rush of Fools practices what it preaches.

The Alabama-based Christian pop/worship band is on the road promoting its latest album, “Carry Us Now,” but on Sunday mornings you’ll find the band members at their churches, leading worship and helping others connect with God.

Between Christ City Church in Birmingham, Catalyst Community Church in Montgomery and the band’s work, the guys in Rush of Fools are busy.

“Where we really get fed is in our community and in our home churches. Whether we sell one CD or 10 million, they’ll treat us like family, because we are,” said the band’s guitarist and keyboardist, Kevin Huguley, in an interview with the Daily Journal. “The Lord lets us do a lot of traveling and go to a lot of places, but we love coming home to sweet home Alabama.”

Rush of Fools has had plenty of success with its previous records, but “Carry Us Now” is special, Huguley said. Rush of Fools returned to their roots as a worship band, and that shines through on the album.

“This album feels different,” he said. “Stylistically, we are finally making the sounds we’ve always wanted to make.”

That same feeling will reflect in the band’s shows. Huguley said the band can’t wait to perform at Adios Summer, a free Christian music festival in New Albany on Saturday.

“We love to serve a community. We’re going to ask the community, ‘How can we really serve well tonight?’” he said. “It’s a pretty high-energy show. You’re gonna see lyrics on a screen. We’re gonna open up the word of God together, because we believe that’s where we find out ultimate truth. We write three-minute mini-sermons that are poppy, catchy tunes.”

He invites everyone out to the show on Saturday, and not just for the music.

“There’s a bigger picture written than the band Rush of Fools,” he said. “If you’ve never experienced Jesus, we want to be a part of watching God show himself up in people’s lives. We’d love to see that happen Saturday night. We would be humbled and honored and grateful.”



What: Adios Summer, featuring Rush of Fools, Matthew Clark, Matt King and Barton Ramsey

When: 6 p.m. Saturday

Where: Magnolia Civic Center, New Albany

Cost: Free

Info: (662) 507-5658