Saltillo High stages ‘The Spell of Sleeping Beauty’

There should be a rule in fairy tale land: Never tick off a magical being.
In Saltillo High School’s “The Spell of Sleeping Beauty,” the King and Queen of Never Nod plan a party to announce the birth of their daughter, Briar Rose.
“Fairies can only eat from golden plates,” said Noelle Sancillo, 17, who plays Briar Rose, “but they don’t have enough gold plates for all of the fairies, so they don’t invite Evilina.”
If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, buy a plate or melt down your grandmother’s earrings to make one. Nobody wants Evilina angry.
“She’s very bossy and very mean,” said Ronja von Roenne, 17, who plays Evilina. “She puts a curse on the princess.”
Thanks to Evilina, Briar Rose is slated for death on her 16th birthday, but the other fairies join forces to alter the curse. Instead of dying, she goes into a deep sleep.
But all is not lost. True love can rouse the young princess, if only such a fellow were available.
“I’m actually betrothed to her when I’m a baby,” said Jay Nelson, who plays Prince Alexander. “I have to fight a witch and a wall of thorns, the false princess and the dark knight.”
And what happens after all of the swordplay and love’s true kiss?
“What happens then?” Nelson said. “We live happily ever after.”

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