‘Secret Show’ to support United Way

united-way-logo-300x298By Errol Castens

Daily Journal

OXFORD – It’s a secret show, planned by a secret committee, in a secret location – somewhere you’ve never been before.

It will happen Sept. 27, 7 to 10 p.m., somewhere in Oxford. It will combine food, drink, art, music, interactive entertainment and high-end raffle prizes.

The cost of admission? A $10 donation to the United Way of Oxford/Lafayette County.

“It’s planned by a committee of foodies, artists, musicians and others who said, ‘We want one of these annual events that’s different every time,’” said Wayne Andrews, director of the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council.

“It’s not the Lyric; it’s not the Powerhouse. They picked a place where no one has had a party before,” he said.

Even the publicity is stealthy.

“Their plan is to kind of leak things out through their website and social media,” Andrews said. “They’re hoping the buildup of conversation will drive enthusiasm.”

The idea came from the culinary trend of “guerrilla dinners,” he said, in which time, date and chef are announced, with location and menu being revealed only at the last minute. Ticket buyers for Secret Show will get a text or email at noon on the day of the event to release the location.

So far it’s known that Mississippi-based Cathead Vodka will sponsor competing cocktails, with proceeds from each supporting a different charity. A variety of artwork will be exhibited as more than mere exhibits.

“They’re designing the whole event to be interactive,” Andrews said. “If you find yourself there, just standing around, you’re doing something wrong.”

Admission is by advance ticket purchase only. For tickets, visit https://secretshowoxford.eventbrite.com.