SHEENA BARNETT: Album Club rocks out with The Kills

Just how much noise can two people make? A lot.
If you want proof, look to The Kills.
I discovered this band a few years ago when the pair opened up for The Raconteurs in Memphis.
The Kills is Alison Mosshart, Jamie Hince and a drum machine. Between the steady drum beat, Hince’s guitar swagger and Mosshart’s witch-like wails, yeah, this band makes quite a sound.
I’ve seen Mosshart both with The Kills and her other band, The Dead Weather, and both times she’s been pretty amazing.
She’s got this other-wordly, hell-hound-ish howl that I haven’t heard from any other female band leader.
Hince does a great job of keeping up with her, in his own way, with tight, unique guitar riffs and dead-pan vocals. The drum machine just keeps them both on the same road.
There are plenty of guy-girl minimalist duos, but The Kills is one of my favorites.
They can switch between bluesy rock to pop to new wave easily, and always in a fresh way.
The Kills’ fourth album, “Blood Pressures,” was released in April and has been called “rough, raw and undeniably hip” by NPR and the band’s finest by Rolling Stone’s Rob Sheffield.
“Blood Pressures” is the topic of this month’s Album Club. Be sure to join us today to have a listen to the album and discuss the album.
If you’ve never heard The Kills, don’t worry – you can still join in on the talk.
Come have a listen to just how much noise these two can make.

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“Blood Pressures”
by The Kills
– When: 6 p.m. today

– Where: Link Centre, Tupelo

– Cost: Free

– Info: (662) 678-1580

Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

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