SHEENA BARNETT: Heaven on earth is a Girl Talk show

In the darkness, among the swirling lights, flowing confetti and blasts of toilet paper, you can’t see much of the people around you.
That’s OK. You’re not worried about them. You’re focused on the music, and dancing to beats and words you know but have never heard quite like this before.
Every once in a while you glimpse those around you, their moves, their glowing necklaces and bracelets, their bouncing hair and you catch a whiff of sweat mixed with cologne or perfume.
There is nothing like a Girl Talk show.
Girl Talk is Gregg Gillis, truly a musician of the 21st century. He takes bits and pieces of music from the past 50 years and mixes it all together, making new music out of old, familiar music.
At one point in his latest album, “All Day,” he mixes elements of songs by Ace of Base, Lady Gaga and Diddy-Dirty Money, followed by a mix of Lil Kim, Genesis, NWA and the Jackson 5, followed by a mix of B.o.B. and the Toadies. All of that’s done in about 2:40. He actually does a lot more in that time, but I don’t really have the space to list every artist he samples.
His live show is a huge dance party. I’ve seen him twice, both times at The Lyric Oxford, and the most recent time was last week.
This time, I brought along my best friend, Spencer, and it was his first time at a Girl Talk show.
I don’t think either of us stopped moving during the nearly two-hour Girl Talk set. We left exhausted, soaked with sweat, but on the most amazing natural high.
Spencer said he loved how cool all of our fellow concert-goers were – there was no fighting for space or angry looks for dancing too close to someone’s significant other.
Everybody was just dancing.
Guys, girls, black, white – no one worried about who they were dancing beside or with.
We danced, all night. Together.
At too many shows, people get hung up over where they are in the crowd, or what someone’s doing that’s annoying them.
But at a Girl Talk show, everyone is one, moving together to music that’s ever-evolving.
As I told Spencer when we left, I hope heaven is an endless Girl Talk show. We’re all together, with no judgments, no ill feelings, just music and pure happiness.
Sounds like heaven to me.

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