SHEENA BARNETT: Hope in a confusing world

Sheena Barnett

Sheena Barnett

The big secret they don’t tell you when you’re a kid is that being an adult is still scary and still confusing.

You’d think we’d have it figured out, all of us grown-ups, but that just ain’t so.

You see people being mean to each other, and it doesn’t make sense. Bad guys aren’t always brought to justice, and that’s senseless and scary.

For all the bad and frightening in this world, there’s also a lot of good, fun, creative, inspiring things happening.

Here are a few things that have made me smile and feel inspired lately.

• In case you missed it, last week a Tupelo teen, Brittany Clay, was honored by local firefighters and the mayor. When a fire broke out at her home in the early morning hours of July 4, Brittany called 911. Her quick thinking and cool head saved her entire family.

She’s a bona fide heroine, ladies and gentlemen.

• Speaking of other awesome, heroic young women, last week Malala Yousafzai celebrated her 16th birthday at the United Nations.

Why is she so amazing?

The Pakistani teen is an education activist and she’s so influential that the Taliban tried to assassinate her when she was 15. She was shot in the head, and she survived.

She spoke to the U.N. about the importance of education and encouraged peace and love.

Wow, huh?

• Rapper Bun B first created a Tumblr page featuring rap and hip-hop coloring and activity pages, and now those will be compiled in Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Book, due out in September.

Fans can color the likes of Queen Latifah, Drake and Big Boi, and get suggestions on what songs to listen to while they color.

Activities include Rap Libs, a maze to get Humpty Hump to a Burger King bathroom and Tupac-Tac-Toe Pieces. It’s obviously for grown-ups, but what a fun and fresh way to enjoy music.

• It’s almost too good to be true, but it’s true: There’s a movie in theaters now about giant robots fighting giant aliens.

Isn’t that wonderful? Ditch the purposefully bad TV movies and put down your hard-earned dollar for a movie that features a strong female character, a cast that isn’t just a bunch of white dudes and – can I get an amen? – robots battlingaliens.

• What, is your heart completely made of stone? OK, then: A search for “cat videos” on YouTube yields “about 10 million” results for your viewing pleasure.

There’s actually a Twitter account (@AvoidComments) that reminds you to never read online comments. Visit A photographer captures, well, humans in New York, and their stories – funny, sweet, heartbreaking. You’ll find yourself in the diverse folks of New York City.

These little rays of happiness, creativity, bravery and strength all make me hope this world isn’t totally lost.

Here’s to things always getting better.

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