SHEENA BARNETT: To spoil or not to spoil? That is the question

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

A villain’s return, a tragic death, a wedding … oh, my. I don’t know much about tomorrow’s “Smallville” series finale, but I know (most of) those things will happen. I’m trying to stay as un-spoiled on it as possible, but that’s a little hard to do.
It’s that time of year. As our favorite TV shows wrap (some for good), do we spoil ourselves on the cliff-hanger finales, or let ourselves be surprised?
For the most part, I’m easygoing about spoilers. If I happen to hear something about one of my favorite shows, so be it. Just because it’s “spoiled” doesn’t mean it’s necessarily happening; the writers can always twist the story just so, so that an untimely demise can be undone or a wedding can be stopped.
Sometimes, though, I enjoy being in the dark and letting the show happen. There’s nothing like watching your favorite show and being able to gasp in true surprise at what you’re seeing.
At the same time, I’ve been burned in the past by watching something totally unspoiled.
For the first couple of seasons of my favorite show, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” I was spoiled on almost every major plot. I stayed on the Internet trying to find out any little morsel of knowledge.
Around season four, I stopped seeking out spoilers. It was more fun to watch it that way, I thought. Then there came a painful death in season five, and I was unprepared. It broke my heart. I wish I’d had some sort of warning – I guess I had one, since the character had been in poor health for much of that season – but the death still seemed to come fast and unexpectedly.
I swore then that I’d stay somewhat spoiled on every show, but I’m a little more relaxed about it these days. It doesn’t hurt that I watch a lot of supernatural-y shows, so many deaths don’t stick. I’m OK with my sometimes-spoiled status these days.
I am pretty excited about going into tomorrow night’s “Smallville” finale with little knowledge, though. I can’t wait to see what happens.
So, if you know anything, don’t tell me.

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