Show & Tell – 3/12

In this Scene Now feature, we’ll discuss what pop culture-y goodness has rocked your world this week.

I can’t just pick one thing that I loved this week – I’ve loved a lot.

My first love of the week would be Nathan Fillion’s new show, “Castle.” It was funny, charming, turn-off-your-brain-and-enjoy piece of TV candy. I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

Speaking of TV, I was thrilled to see the original “Ghost Hunters” back on the telly. I’m not a fan of “Ghost Hunters International” (I’m a purist – I still love the holy trinity of Jason, Grant and Steve), so I’m welcoming back the original show with open arms. Last night’s new episode certainly didn’t disappoint.

My other love isn’t TV-related. It’s Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba’s comic, “The Umbrella Academy.” The second series is out now, and the fourth issue was just released. And, wow, is it a doozy of an issue. When I first read this issue I was brokenhearted that two new but exciting characters were killed off, but then the issue’s ending made up for it…I’m still kinda mind-blown by that ending! I’ve thought about it a lot since reading it the other night and I’m still scratching my head! This is a brilliant series. I never thought I’d say this, but Way should give up this whole music thing and write comics full time. That man is a genius.

So, tell me, Scenesters, what are you in love with this week? Show and tell what you’ve loved!

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