Show & Tell – 3/26

What pop culture-y goodness have you loved this week? What song, live show, book, commercial, movie or TV show made your week? Big surprise, I’ve got more than one this week again!

As I wrote about yesterday, I loved seeing Jason Isbell and Justin Townes Earle in Memphis this week. Both men are terrific – if you like your ears, check out these guys. They’ll make your ears happy.

Speaking of music, I loved this especially random cover – it’s the Oak Ridge Boys covering The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.” It’s kinda weird, kinda rad. But most of all, it’s a must-hear.

And finally – some days I’m certain music videos are dead, but just when I think that, a band comes out with a really stellar video. Metronomy has such a video with its latest single, “A Thing for Me.” Check out the video below: .

So, what about you? What rocked your world this week?

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