Show & Tell, 4/16

What’s rocked your pop culture boat this week?

My major find this week would be British singer Karima Francis.

A friend of mine who has excellent taste in music handed me Francis’ new album, “The Author,” and told me to give it a listen. I did, and I fell in love with this record.

Francis has an exquisite voice – so beautiful, passionate, real, emotional. The music is a mix of pop, rock, soul, singer-songwriter.

The only downside – and it’s kind of a big one – is that right now Francis is only U.K.-based. My friend bought her album as an import, but, as she said, “It’s the best $19 I spent all week.”

Check out Karima Francis’ MySpace page to listen to her tunes, and encourage this amazing singer to come stateside!

Besides Francis, I can’t say I really had anything else I really loved, but there were a few moments I definitely appreciated.

The first would be what happened just this morning. I flipped through a few channels and noticed a music video on – something you don’t stumble across often, unless maybe it’s late night/early morning Vh1. But this was on MTV. Granted, it was kinda early, but still, it was a music video! On MTV! I suddenly felt like a kid again. The video was the latest by the Silversun Pickups. The next video, though? That was Beck’s “Loser.” I felt like dancing. MTV wasn’t just showing any videos…they were showing one of the best of the best. You have to love little moments like that. 🙂

My second favorite moment of the week? Call me a sap, but Matt Giraud getting saved on “Idol” this week was really touching. This season has offered up a host of solid contestants – I could easily see myself buying music made by any of them, except Danny Gokey and any song containing Adam Lambert’s squeal – but the show has lacked any real “wow” moments and any actual emotion.

But seeing the entire audience on their feet, chanting “Save!” at the judges, and then seeing Matt cry when the judges said he was saved – that was pretty amazing.

So, tell me, Scene cats, what have you loved this week? What music, movie, TV show, commercial, comic book or YouTube video make you happy? Show and tell!

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