Sick of salads?

One question I’ve been asked many times in the last three months is: “Don’t you get tired of salads?”

Well, yeah. If you do something the same way, all the time, yeah, you’ll get tired of it.

So, I had to think differently about salads.

First off, I changed my dressings. Typically I’m a thousand island, Italian or balsamic vinagrette kind of girl, but lately I’ve been trying all kinds that I’d never tried before. I’m really digging raspberry vinagrette these days – who knew? I just make sure to choose light, fat free or sugar free dressings. Alternatively, you can also use some kind of juice, like lemon, to freshen up the taste of your salad.

Secondly, I tried something that I learned from another weight loss blog (and I can’t remember the name of it now, unfortunately – if I do I’ll post a link).

Basically this person pre-made their salads for the week in one night in a huge plastic tub. That way, they don’t have to take the time of making a salad from scratch – chopping the greens and other veggies that go into it – every day for lunch. The salad is premade so they can just grab a serving out of it and go.

I tried this last night, and the picture you see is the salad I made and I’ll have it each day for lunch this week (along with some soup). I know I could’ve made it more colorful, but I went with what I was hungry for. I used a bag of premade salad lettuce and carrots (I’m not supposed to eat many carrots, so I didn’t add in extra), and then I added in all kinds of veggie goodies I love, like mushrooms, bell peppers, cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflower. I really wish I’d put in some tomatoes and maybe celery. I have some grilled chicken that I’m going to add in – later – for protein.

You can add anything to this that you like – onions, strawberries or other fruits, nuts, raisins, etc. Even if you think you won’t like something on a salad, give it a try. You never know.

I’m totally OK with the idea of going very easy on the lettuce and going heavy on the goodies, like mushrooms and tomatoes and peppers and such.

Don’t add in the dressing until you’re ready to eat, otherwise your veggies will be soggy.

The blogger said her huge premade salad kept for five days. I’m only on day one, so we’ll see.

What do you do to spice up your salads?

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