Singer-songwriter presents new album, film with tour

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

WHO: Beaver Nelson
WHEN: 9:45 p.m. July 16
WHERE: Proud Larry’s, Oxford
COST: Free
EXTRA: 18 and up

Go to a Beaver Nelson show and you’ll get more than music: You’ll get a movie, too.
Nelson, a singer-songwriter based out of Texas, just released his seventh album, “Macro/Micro.” He also just released its accompanying movie of the same name. This weekend, he takes both out on the road. He’ll perform the entire album in front of a screen playing the film as it accompanies the music.
“I’m dealing with more wires for this than I’ve ever dealt with before,” he said, laughing. “This wasn’t something where I thought, ‘Oh, I know a lot about computers and I know a lot about projectors,’ and I thought, ‘Oh, I can do this.’ No. I knew what I wanted to do, conceptually, and I had to figure out how on earth to do it, so I did it.”
“Macro/Micro” is the first record Nelson produced himself. With previous records, he made a rule for himself: Whatever he put on the album, he had to be able to reproduce live. With “Macro/Micro,” he threw that idea out the window, and the idea of the film came from that. There’s the film, there’s an instrumental soundtrack, and then Nelson will play guitar and sing the album.
Filmmaker Stephen Henderson created the film, and he and Nelson worked together on how the images would work with – and against – his image-based lyrics. Some of the ideas were Henderson’s; some were Nelson’s.
“I’m not a linear writer. I’m not writing linear narratives, so much of what I do is a juxtaposition of images against each other verbally, lyrically, so the idea of doing that in a film is very exciting to me,” he said.
Like the album, described as “flowing-jarring” on his website, the film is just as surprising, creating a full experience for the audience.
Nelson promises a different kind of evening at the concert.
“It’s the first kind of multimedia thing I’ve tried to pull off, so I would hope that people would give this new thing a chance,” he said. “It’s very funny at times, it’s quite severe at times. I think that it’s enjoyable.”
So will Nelson continue this trend of a movie and an album?
“Maybe so,” he said. “But I’ve joked that the next album will be called, ‘My Dog Ate My Movie Screen.’”

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