Something to consider as the pounds come off…

One of the most satisfying aspects to weight loss is fitting into smaller clothes.

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe I’ve dropped 35 pounds (sigh, can’t seem to get down past that number right now – I do that about every 10 pounds or so). I don’t really see it in the mirror, but I can feel it in my body. I can definitely tell it when I wear a size 12 jeans and a medium-sized shirt, like I did this weekend, for maybe the first time ever.

Therefore, I have plenty of clothes that just don’t fit anymore. Lots of size 16’s, a few 14’s, lots of XXL, XL or maybe even L-size blouses and tees.

This past weekend I packed up six sacks full of clothes – more than 10 pairs of pants and countless blouses and shirts – that I’m taking to S.A.F.E., Inc., Tupelo’s domestic violence shelter, at which I volunteer.

As you shed your pounds and can fit into slimmer clothes, consider donating your bigger sizes to charities or non-profits. Your clothes may not fit you anymore, but they’ll fit someone else.

Another idea is clothes swapping parties. Bring a couple of your clothes you can’t wear anymore and swap them out with others. This is a really great idea for a group of folks who are all on the weight loss journey. We all need various (and relatively cheap!) clothes to get us through these transition periods while our bodies change.

As you’re shedding pounds, check out thrift stores and outlet stores for cheap, new clothes to get you through until you reach your ideal weight.

Just a couple of ideas for the clothes department – if you have any ideas, please share!

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