Soulful rockers Electric Hearts to play Oxford Wednesday night

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

Not everything that comes out of Nashville is soaked in twang and words like “y’all.”
The Electric Hearts is from the Music City, but the quintet draws more on the city’s rock, soul and punk scenes for its bluesy blend of rock and soul.
“How could you do me so wraaawng,” lead singer Jessica Breanne drawls on the rollicking track “How Dare You.” There’s no doubt The Electric Hearts is a Southern band.
“We grew up on older-sounding music, like blues and rock ‘n’ roll from the ‘60s and ‘70s,” Breanne said in an interview with the Daily Journal. “We grew up loving that stuff, and it just sorta slipped into our writing process.”
Breanne and her bandmates, bass player Matt Johanson, drummer Stephen Smith, guitarist Sam Stewart and keyboardist/guitarist Mike Odmark, say being from Nashville, a city full of bands, songwriters and musicians, has forced the band to really work harder.
“Us being in Nashville means we’re working harder, because it’s so hard for people to listen to us here,” she said.
This year has already been a good one for The Electric Hearts, with a stint at the famous SXSW music festival.
“We played three times in two days, which was a new experience for us,” Johanson said. “It definitely helped us grow as a live band, and helped us act fast.”
The crowds, which Johanson said were very welcoming to new bands on the scene, helped make The Electric Hearts feel at home. After all, on the stage is where the band lets loose.
“We definitely get into it quite a bit. We’re very energetic, and we try to be sort of unhinged and uninhibited on stage,” he said.
The Electric Hearts released an album in August 2011, but Breanne and crew are already working on new music. The group hopes to grow and expand on the soulful, Southern sound they planted in Nashville.
“Right now our goal is to release another EP in the fall, and then have a tour that’ll back it up. When we’re not on the road, we try to get together as often as we can to write, to be creative,” Johanson said. “We’re just trying to write better and better songs.”

Feel The Beat
WHO: The Electric Hearts

WHEN: 9 p.m. Wednesday

WHERE: Proud Larry’s

COST: Free

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