Soy won’t cool hot flashes, but it’s still healthy

Just because soy isn’t much help with hot flashes, it doesn’t mean you have to ditch tofu.
“Soy isn’t dangerous,” said Tupelo gynecologist Dr. Laura Crecelius. “It’s a source of protein without a lot of fat.”
The most recent study, published earlier this month, found women on placebo had fewer hot flashes than those taking soy tablets.
However, soy milk, tofu and snack products can be part of a heart healthy diet, said North Mississippi Medical Center registered dietitian Lynn Patterson.
“Due to lessening hormone levels and the natural aging process, many women find it harder to keep extra pounds off in your 40s and 50s,” Patterson said. “Menopausal women tend to be less active and eat more calories than they need.”
Avoiding a mid-life metabolic crisis requires planning and persistence, Patterson said. As with any time in life, there are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss.
• Exercise regularly: Take the stairs, park farther away from your destination and walk, garden, dance and stretch.
• Eat right: Focus on whole grains, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats like olive oil, walnuts, almonds and fish.
• Watch your portions: Research shows that to maintain weight in the mid to late 40s, women need about 200 fewer calories per day. Do not skip meals; this can lead to overeating and a sluggish metabolism. Rather, cut down on your portions.

Michaela Gibson Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

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