STEPHEN THOMPSON: Why creative people – like you – must create



Is everyone creative, absolutely everyone, including you? Absolutely, yes! When you were a child, there was no stopping your creativity. If you wanted to draw a fish with two heads or a blue flower on an orange stem, you simply did it. You loved how your childhood drawings looked; they made you happy and you never thought twice about whether you were creative or not.

That childhood creativity is still in you; it has grown up a bit and is expressed as your everyday creativity. Everyday creativity is the kind of creativity that gets you through your daily life. How do you deal with your angry neighbor? How do you get both of the kids to their various activities this week without losing your mind? Which blouse looks best with which skirt? Will that sofa look good over against that wall or should I put it here next to this bookcase?

At every decorating class I’ve taught and every floral design workshop I’ve attended, I’ve been surrounded by creative people – even those who thought they were not very creative. It just took a good teacher to get their self-confidence up enough to the point where they could create something beautiful. And that holds true in life, too. Even shy, unassuming introverts create beauty, even if it is all but unknown, except to a small circle of friends.

It’s spring. In every city, town and countryside we are gathering flowers – from the side of the road, farmers’ markets, floral shops and grocery stores – and arranging colorful bouquets in a vast array of vases and containers. Beauty is blooming intimately in every bedroom, lovingly in every church sanctuary and publicly in every office, bank and lobby.

Whether you create beauty by building for the masses or just for you and your pet, it matters. Whether you are sprucing up your neighborhood or clearing out your clutter, it counts. Whether you’re contributing your talents to Build for Beth or for Plantersville’s new playground, you are making Mississippi a better place. Your evolvement, your celebration, your actions toward creating beauty make a better world for all of us.

Is everyone creative? The answer is always yes. The more aware you are of your creativity, the more self-confidence you have to take the risks to express your talents.

It’s springtime. Let your everyday creativity blossom and let your life be beauty’s perfect container.

Live in beauty!

Stephen Thompson has been creating tasteful interiors since 1975. For questions, comments, or consultations text (662) 231-5519 or write Designer Connection, P.O. Box 361, Tupelo, MS 38802 or

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