STEPHEN THOMPSON: Our treasures have precious memories flowing through them



Evie says she’s just moved and needs my help arranging her house. Something in her voice tells me this is going to be a challenge. I hope so. I like a good challenge.

I drive to her house in Saltillo. She opens her door and suddenly we’re drowning in a sea of boxes floating among a haphazard disarray of furniture. As my daughter Diandrea and I wade into the chaos, I whisper a short prayer, “God, where should we start?”

Moving from room to room, we desperately search for lifelines. By gesture, by word, we ask the importance of each item, each belonging. As light removes shadow, her answers give us hope. Evie speaks and though she says little, everything changes; every thing comes alive.

This picture?

“My daughter Tammy. She died too young.”

This chair-and-a-half?

“My favorite seat. Wonder why the movers left it in the garage?”

These decorative angels?

“Gifts from my family. They’re more precious than gold.”

Her answers change nothing outwardly, but inside every item alters. Objects seem to flow, reach out, and join with others of their kind, as if every thing is caught in an intricate, beautiful dance.

There are so many connections! An invisible current of blood links everything. Our confusion lightens. Furniture moves – room to room or sometimes only by mere inches. Bit by bit, balances are weighed and struck.

Wherever we lay our hands, her house is transformed. Her home’s heart cautiously starts to beat. Evie’s eyes say, “It’s a blessing to see my home coming back to life!”

Watching from their newfound fireplace perch, guardian angels sing loud Hosannahs; harmony reigns. Hanging on a hallway wall, a picture of a young girl smiles sweetly; Tammy lives again among pictures of her kin. Rescued from the garage and sitting in the living room is the prodigal chair-and-a-half; rightly restored as Evie’s favorite resting place.

Every space is organized, calm and neat. Clarity emerges where chaos once reigned. Her home’s heart once again beats loud and strong!

Over a lifetime we acquire many treasures, humble possessions that comfort us in ways words cannot fully tell. Our treasures have precious memories flowing through them. Arrange those treasures in meaningful ways and everything you touch becomes an altar to beauty.

In whatever house we worship, know that you and I are faithful members of the same church. You with your ways, I with mine … and we all long for home.

Live in beauty!

Stephen Thompson has been creating tasteful interiors since 1975. For questions, comments, or consultations text (662) 231-5519 or write Designer Connection, P.O. Box 361, Tupelo, MS 38802 or

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