Super-powered water

Water has always been my drink of choice, and lately I’ve found two super-powered kinds that go above and beyond basic hydration.

The first: La Croix.

La Croix is lightly-flavored carbonated water. It’s not sweetened, so you don’t have to worry about sugar or even artificial sweeteners. Because it’s not sweet, the taste may throw you a bit at first – it’s a bit odd at first to drink something lime, lemon, berry or coconut flavored that’s not sweet. But it is SO GOOD – especially the lime, which is my current favorite. The carbonation makes it feel like a soda, but it’s not. It’s actually healthy.

La Croix can be found at both Kroger locations in Tupelo, and the Gloster St. Walmart.

The second: Avitae.

Avitae is caffeinated water. I know, I know, caffeine isn’t all that healthy and you shouldn’t drink much of it, but every once in a while you need a kick, and Avitae most definitely provides that. It is not flavored but instead comes in two doses: 90 mg (with a red label; about the same amount of caffeine in coffee) and 45 mg (with an orange label; about the same amount of caffeine in a diet soda).

The caffeine in the water is natural, and because that’s all that’s in there, your body breaks it down faster. I can’t tell much of a caffeine rush when I drink sodas or coffee, but holy cow, I do with Avitae. Unless you just drink a whole lot of caffeine, I warn you not to drink a whole lot of Avitae quickly. I’ve drank the two doses either together or back to back and have almost made myself sick. Just one dose by itself is plenty, trust me.

The only place I’ve found Avitae is Papa V’s in Tupelo.

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