Surviving Halloween

Oh, Halloween candy.

The sight of it used to make my heart leap with joy. Now, it fills me with dread.

I’ve been off refined sugar for so long now that I really don’t want or like many treats sweetened with real sugar (trust me, I’ve taste-tested a few things. they taste weird now!). Still, it’s hard to resist aisles and aisles of candy… especially when it seems like EVERYBODY else you know is digging in without a thought in the world. And here I am, being good, constantly shaking my head and saying, “No.”

I just saw a blog post on a fitness blog I read, Undressed Skeleton, and she had these tips for eating Halloween candy. I think they sound pretty reasonable, so I thought I’d reblog them here.

  • I’m going to allow myself two pieces everyday!
  • Keeping the candy out of site!
  • Only buying my least favorite kind!

See? Pretty reasonable.

If you click on the bolded title of the blog up there, you’ll also see a list of popular Halloween candies and their calories. Makes you think!

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