TASTY TRAVELS: This road leads to dinner's delights

By Carlie Kollath/NEMS Daily Journal

If it worked with the blues, why not with food?

Mississippi launched a new avenue for tourism when it created its ever-growing Blues Trail, a series of markers that pay homage to the state’s musical heritage.

Now, tourism officials hope to build on another tradition with culinary trails, aimed at luring visitors to see, feel and taste the state’s iconic fare.

Inspired by such efforts, we at the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal have created food trails of our own to spotlight the flavors of the region.

We solicited eatery recommendations from tourism officials, economic developers, Journal readers, co-workers, friends, family members and anyone else who enjoys food.

The result is a culinary tourism series called Tasty Travels. Over the next three months, we’ll feature six food trails focusing on blue plate lunches, catfish, barbecue, burgers, big breakfasts and desserts.

The trails highlight eateries that excel in the particular food topic and provide diners with a unique and memorable experience.

The stories, which will run through mid-August, will appear in Business and Food sections.

We’re interested in your feedback about the trails. If you visit one of the stops, tell us about it on NEMS360.com. Send digital pictures of your dining experiences to carlie.kollath@djournal.com.

Think we left out a stop on a trail? Tell us on NEMS360.com.


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Desserts come in many forms

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You eat too, so tell us what you think. Comment below to tell us what you think or start a blog and do your own food travels right here at NEMS360.com. The travels have ended. Thanks for reading.

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