TCPS continues to grow

TCPS continues to grow in students, academics

As a growing school, TCPS shines brightly with substantial growth in all grades. Since its move to the new site on Endville Road in 2003, the school’s student population has increased more than 300 percent. The school not only is growing in student numbers, but it is also expanding its academic curriculum by adding more core subjects and more electives each year. With the addition of an 11th grade, the school will offer several AP classes next year.

Although students at TCPS continue to excel in classes and annual standardized testing, students believe that the additional classes will help them to strive more diligently for excellence.

“Our teachers and administrators expect excellence in everything we do,” said ninth-grader Brian Yim. “As the school grows, I believe that that tradition of excellence will continue.”

Not only has TCPS experienced a growth spurt in academics, but the school has also grown in athletics. The TCPS teams, composed of seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth graders, have played full high school schedules. In all TCPS sports, including baseball, basketball, football, softball, tennis, and track, the Eagle athletes have competed well against older athletes.

“Our team played all high school teams and hung right with them,” said football player Ethan Nolan. ” I can’t wait to see us play with a full high school team in the years to come. Be ready for a new Eagles’ team.”

Cheerleader Kendal Wallace added, “The cheer team has come a long way since its creation last year. We were the first squad, but next year we will have a JV squad and a varsity squad.”

As the number of students continues to increase, the Eagles’ teams will continue to grow.

With the additional students that TCPS is acquiring each year, building expansion is necessary. Plans have been made to add an additional eight classrooms to the Jake Mills High School Building. Increased student population, new building expansions, and athletic improvements ensure that Tupelo Christian Preparatory School will shine brightly for many years to come.

Hayes Collins is a student at Tupelo Christian Preparatory School.

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