Test your food trivia

So, you think you know a thing or two about food? Take our 40-question quiz. Answers below.

1. The 21st century hen lays larger eggs than her ancestors, but what other difference, if any, is there with the egg itself?
• the shells are thinner
• there is no other difference
• the shells are thicker
• they are more likely to be double-yolked

2. Which of the following vitamins is not present in an egg?
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin A
• Vitamin D
• Vitamin E

3. What year was Cap’n Crunch cereal introduced?
• 1963
• 1962
• 1967
• 1965

4. What is the full name of the Cap’n?
• Captain Christopher Crunch
• Captain Napoleon Crunch
• Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch
• Captain Henry Hudson Crunch

5. What country is the largest producer of olives?
• Syria
• Malta
• Australia
• Spain

6. Two American states have glorified the tomato as their state vegetable. Name the two states.
• Arkansas and New Jersey
• Alabama and Arkansas
• Mississippi and Florida
• Florida and Texas

7. An early leader of the newly founded United States enjoyed tomatoes while visiting in Paris and sent seeds home to America for planting. Who was this founding father?
• Thomas Jefferson
• Ethan Allen
• George Washington
• Paul Revere

8. What Beach Boys song was used in advertising Sunkist Orange Soda?
• Little Old Lady from Pasadena
• In My Room
• Good Vibrations
• Run, Run, Run!

9. To what related plant family do the garlic, leek, chives, and onions belong?
• Rose
• Potato
• Lily
• Deciduous

10. What ingredient is necessary to make a Florentine dish?
• Beans
• Brussels Sprouts
• Flowers
• Spinach

11. What fruit comes in varieties of Gravenstein and Stayman?
• Apples
• Pears
• Grapes
• Peaches

12. In British tradition, which herb is placed on the graves of English heroes?
• Thyme
• Oregano
• Basil
• Rosemary

13. Which flavor of ice cream and frozen novelty is America’s No. 1 choice, according to the International Dairy Foods Association?
• Chocolate
• Coffee
• Strawberry
• Vanilla

14. According to the USDA, which state produced the largest volume of ice cream in the U.S. in 2003?
• California
• Vermont
• Maine
• Wisconsin

15. According to scientists at makeicecream.com, how many licks does it take to finish off one scoop of an ice cream cone?
• 50
• 1,000
• 100
• 75

16. This herb is a member of the Allum family and is sometimes known as “rush leeks.” It is found in most herb gardens and is a valuable source of calcium.
• Chives
• Coriander
• Basil
• Garlic

17. Which of these is not to be found in the powder commonly known as ‘Chinese five-spice’?
• Cinnamon
• Star anise
• Cloves
• Dill

18. Saffron is a rich, yellow spice used in various cuisines throughout the world. From what flower is saffron derived?
• Magnolia
• Camellia
• Sunflower
• Crocus

19. This well-known dish of beef, pate, mushrooms, truffles and a Madeira sauce encased in a pastry crust was named for a famous general.
• Washington Pie
• Beef Wellington
• Beef Stroganoff
• Bonaparte’s Ribs

20. An American president came in for some criticism after he declared a great fondness for French soups. In a bold PR move, the White House issued its recipe for this soup, claiming it to be the president’s absolute favorite. Which soup and which president?
• Clam Chowder – JFK
• Hamburger Soup – Ronald Reagan
• Corn Chowder – FDR
• Chicken Noodle Soup – Bill Clinton

21. I’m turning up a little Manilow on my 8-track tape player while I whip together some eggs, crispy crumbled bacon, shredded Swiss cheese, and some cream. I’m going to toss them all together, add some salt and pepper and dump it into a prebaked pie shell and slide it on into the oven. What 1970s’ classic will I be enjoying in about an hour?
• Eggs Benedict
• Frittata
• Cheese Soufflé
• Quiche Lorraine

22. I’ve got my disco class tonight, so I need something fast for the kids. I have 3 cups of left-over diced cooked chicken. I’ve got some mushrooms and green peppers that I’ve sautéed in butter. I’m going to toss the whole thing together with a white cream sauce and add pimentos. I’ll serve it on top of toast. What am I making?
• Coq au Vin
• Chicken a la King
• Chicken Piccata
• Chicken Florentine

23. Which is America’s oldest grocery store?
• Piggly Wiggly
• Safeway
• Kroger
• A & P

24. What 1950s’ television show helped increase the popularity of the Twinkie?
• Rin Tin Tin
• Howdy Doody
• Sky King
• Kukla, Fran and Ollie

25. What is the ‘shelf-life’ of a package of Twinkies?
• Twenty-five days
• Twenty Months
• Five Years
• Indeterminate

26. The Twinkie is creme filled. What flavor was the creme originally?
• Banana
• Vanilla
• Chocolate
• Rum

27. According to 2000 statistics, which fast food restaurant was the top grossing chain, with about 20 billion dollars in U.S. sales?
• Burger King
• Taco Bell
• Wendy’s
• McDonald’s

28. Started in 1954, in Miami, Fla., this restaurant uses the slogan “Have it Your Way.”
• McDonald’s
• Burger King
• Rally’s
• Steak n’ Shake

29. The first one of these restaurants was built in Downey, Calif., in 1962. At one point, their commercials featured a lovable talking Chihuahua.
• Del Taco
• Little Caesar’s
• Arby’s
• Taco Bell

30. Which of these American pizza chains debuted first?
• Domino’s
• Little Caesar’s
• Pizza Hut
• Papa John’s

31. A melange of seafood, rice and seasonings, this hearty main course is considered by some to be the national dish of Spain.
• Remoulade
• Ceviche
• Paella
• Risotto

32. The modern English word “fish” comes from what language?
• Greek “foch”
• Old English “fisc”
• Latin “fise”
• Old Dutch “fisk”

33. People eat oysters all the time, although a rule of thumb says they should be eaten only when?
• During months when snow is on the ground.
• During months that rhyme with “orange.”
• During months named after a God.
• During months with an “R” in them.

34. What is the more popular name for the groundnut, which develops below the soil?
• Pecan
• Peanut
• Brazil nut
• Macadamia

35. The four original flavors of Jell-O were orange, raspberry, strawberry and what?
• coffee
• cola
• lemon
• chocolate

36. According to a survey conducted by Crisco and the American Pie Council in 2008, Americans’ favorite type of pie is what?
• pecan
• pumpkin
• cherry
• apple

37. Where did Ruth Wakefield invent the chocolate chip cookie?
• her house in Keebler, Minn.
• her friend, Debbi Fields’, house
• a Nestle factory
• the Toll House Inn

38. The late pop singer Michael Jackson was shooting a commercial when his hair caught fire. What product was he promoting?
• Coca Cola
• Mountain Dew
• Pepsi
• Orange Crush

39. Good to the last drop?
• Folgers
• Maxwell House
• Sanka
• Team

40. I’d like to buy the world this drink, in perfect harmony?
• Dr Pepper
• Coke
• Pepsi
• 7 UP

Source: funtrivia.com

1. The shells are thinner
2. Vitamin C
3. 1963
4. Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch
5. Spain
6. Arkansas and New Jersey
7. Thomas Jefferson
8. Good Vibrations
9. Lily
10. Spinach
11. Apples
12. Rosemary
13. Vanilla
14. California
15. 50
16. Chives
17. Dill
18. Crocus
19. Beef Wellington
20. Hamburger Soup – Ronald Reagan
21. Quiche Lorraine
22. Chicken a la King
23. A & P
24. Howdy Doody
25. 25 days
26. Banana
27. McDonald’s
28. Burger King
29. Taco Bell
30. Pizza Hut
31. Paella
32. Old English ‘fisc’
33. During months with an ‘R’ in them
34. Peanut
35. Lemon
36. Apple
37. The Toll House Inn
38. Pepsi
39. Maxwell House
40. Coke

Ginna Parsons/NEMS Daily Journal

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