The Christmas Oracle of Room 316

Editor’s note: In this season of miracles, a message of hope can be found in the most hopeless of situations, as you’ll discover in the Daily Journal’s “The Christmas Oracle of Room 316,” a 10-chapter series that recently ran in the NEMS Daily Journal newspaper.

Links are below.

Chapter 1: Dickens family faces a hard holiday.

Chapter 2: The American with the Spanish-language message.

Chapter 3: Sad day brings memories of a family ‘gift’

Chapter 4: Two families marvel at a possible Christmas miracle.

Chapter 5: Sophie’s talk with Grummy.

Chapter 6: Take care of that dog.

Chapter 7: They are there.

Chapter 8: A conversation changes Sophie.

Chapter 9: Grummy goes home

Chapter 10: Maybe Paz will give them peace.

Thank you for reading. Merry Christmas!

NEMS Daily Journal

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