The impossible is possible

When I started this weight loss journey, I was in a size 16.

I’ve been a steady size 14 since I was in high school. Occasionally I could fit into a 12, if they were cut large and forgiving. Only after college have I had to venture into the land of 16’s.

Well. Lately, my size 14’s were getting large – and therefore annoying.

So last night I went (cheap) jeans shopping with one of my best friends, Spencer.

I was absently digging through jeans, pulling out a few that I thought would be the correct length (aren’t most women about 5’4″ or 5’5″? How is it so hard to fit me, then, since I’m about smack in the middle?).

Finally Spencer kind of yelled at me – “Why are you pulling out 14’s?”

“Because it’s my size!”

And he said, “NO IT’S NOT.”

It kinda hit me then that I was really and truly a size 12. FINALLY!

As I told Spencer, I’ve just always grabbed for a 14. I’ve never had any business looking at smaller sizes, so I just automatically started looking for the number I knew. But, I’m a 12. Finally.

I can’t even imagine being in a 10. That just seems… impossible.

But then again, ever being in a 12 seemed impossible too.

But it looks like it is possible. Just a change in the way I eat (and think about eating), and making sure I hit the gym every night…

Just gotta stay on track!

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