Three diverse acts perform at last Down on Main of the season

Courtesy photo New Orleans funk band Galactic's last album, "Carnivale Electricos," celebrates the sounds of Mardi Gras. Check out the band at

Courtesy photo
New Orleans funk band Galactic’s last album, “Carnivale Electricos,” celebrates the sounds of Mardi Gras. Check out the band at

By Sheena Barnett

Daily Journal

TUPELO – Get a taste of New Orleans funk, down home Mississippi gospel and African beats at tonight’s Down on Main concert.

Como gospel trio The Como Mamas have wowed audiences and critics with its debut record, “Get an Understanding,” and the group will open the show.

Mississippi Hill Country Blues meets West African grooves in Afrissippi, a group that includes members from both Mississippi and Senegal.

Bringing the party music is the headlining act, Galactic, a New Orleans funk band. The group, made up of guitarist Jeff Raines, Ben Ellman on harps and horns, bass player Robert Mercurio, drummer and percussionist Stanton Moore and keyboard player Rich Vogel, combines NOLA’s colorful sound and blends it with all kinds of genres, depending on who’s a guest vocalist, if there is one.

“When we started playing music together, our founding principles were based on New Orleans music and tradition in funky, good time music,” Vogel said in a phone interview with the Daily Journal. “We’re all into all sorts of music, so we realized, hey, we’ve gotta figure out what to do with these roots, what can we do with our foundation we built on history.”

Galactic’s history spans 18 years and many albums, so the band has a big catalog to choose from when it’s time to put together a set list. Galactic’s latest album, “Carnivale Electricos,” was released in February 2012.

“Over the course of 17 years on the road and the new record, it’s nice because we can give people the complete Galactic experience,” he said. “We’re never going to turn our back on what we did in the beginning.”

Galactic is “chipping away” at a new album, Vogel said, and the Down on Main audience can expect to hear some of the new tunes. Whether it’s an old fan favorite or something they’re introducing into the set, fans can expect a high energy set from the group.

“It’s party music,” he said. “If a New Orleans band’s party sounds like fun to you, you should come check us out.”

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  • Sick of the Hype

    Why I will NEVER buy a house in Fairpark: They’re already blaring noise from the Down on Main Stage, with no regard to the businesses in Fairpark. Our walls are actually shaking.This will continue from now (2 p.m.) until the concert is over around 9 p.m. It’s impossible to work here and I would never in a million years want to live within 2 miles of Fairpark.

    • Guest

      I know what you mean. Nobody in our little office ever goes to the concerts because we get blasted all afternoon the day of the concert. We’re sick of it way before its time for the concerts.

  • Suga

    It started earlier than that. Me and my children were at the playground around 1:45 and my youngest two got so upset with the noise we left. my three year old cried and said it made her heart hurt.

    • Sara M.

      Poor little one! It made my head hurt too.

  • guyinflops

    doesn’t start till 6 or 6:30 so something else is happening

    • Sara M.

      I was trying to go to the monorgram store around 4 or 4:30 and the noise was terrible. A concert for a limited time is one thing but that was noise and it was amplified like crazy. I wouldn’t buy a house or put a business in fairpark either. I didn’t even get to go to the monorgram place because the street was blocked off.


    oh my gosh why does the whole Fair Park smell like sewer today??? NASTY

  • MusicMan

    Como Mamas was good…