Three guys and a soul

TUPELO – Every band has its reasons for existing.
For some, it’s all about becoming rich and famous; for others, it’s about getting girls and looking cool. For The Bad Hand, the reason it exists is simple – it has to.
Jason Green hadn’t been involved in music for a while when he lost his job. While he was searching for employment, he picked up his guitar and found comfort in his old love.
“The only thing that made me happy was playing and singing,” Green said.
Through open mic nights and networking, Green met Corey Bell and Brad Murphy and formed The Bad Hand in February. Bell’s on drums with Murphy and Green on guitars, and Green handles vocals.
Green’s employed now, but his heart lies in the music he’s making with The Bad Hand.
“It took, I’d say, a little while to get across what we wanted to do, but now we know our goal is in the sound,” Green said. “We mesh together really well.”

Mix of noise
That sound is something that’s hard to describe.
The band mixes rock, blues, country and rockabilly into one sound, but there’s much more going on.
“It’s a mix of dark, Southern roadhouse that incorporates a twangy Western vibrato guitar,” Green said. “The vocals are usually tastefully slurred, but articulate. There’s a lot of really thick Southern slang. There are a lot of hooks and lines that sound like a story told by a great-grandparent. The drums are really just a primal backbeat.”
Influenced by the likes of Elvis Presley, Waylon Jennings and Dwight Yoakam, The Bad Hand aims to reflect the South, in all its glory and its blemishes.
“It’s a representative of the South,” Green said. “It’s sort of like grunge rockabilly.”
The Bad Hand wants to record an EP soon, but is still ironing out the details of the whens and wheres.
Until that happens, the trio is keeping a steady roster of live shows. A live show by The Band Hand features a mix of originals and covers, and those covers aren’t your typical, straight covers. Bell, Murphy and Green have fun with covers until they sound more like a Bad Hand original than a cover.
“They sound nothing like the original, except for the lyrics,” Green said.
Of course, there’s a lot of passion at a Bad Hand performance – after all, music is what drives the three men.
“You can expect passion. Sweat. Vocals with a yearning,” Green said of the band’s live shows. “We’re just three guys that are doing it because they have to, and that’s just what we do.”
Though The Bad Hand is a relatively new band, Green is excited about where the music is headed.
“It started out as me just not being happy and the only reason we started was basically because I had to,” he said. “We’re finding people who are really enjoying our stuff. We’re really growing as a band, and that’s what we want to do, is get better at our craft.”

Triple Play
The Band Hand has three shows coming up. Here they are:
When: 9 p.m., Friday
Where: Stables Bar and Grill, Tupelo
Cost: Free
Info: (662) 840-0069

When: It’s an all-day benefit show; The Bad Hand performs upstairs at 7 p.m. Saturday
Also with: Michael Breedlove, Greg Dillard, Shane Rowe, John Milstead, Tatum Shappley, Busted Screen Door, Full Tilt, Rock Mob
Where: Main Street Bar & Grill, Tupelo
Cost: $10
Info: (662) 844-6454

When: 9 p.m. Tuesday
Also with: Mike Herrera’s Tumbledown
Where: Hi-Tone, Memphis
Cost: $5

What’s in a name?
So, what’s up with that unusual band name?
According to Jason Green, he was fired from his job as a farm hand as a teenager. Years later, he ran into a member of the family that owned the farm, and she told him they referred to him as “the bad hand.”

Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

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