Thursday is deadline in Pontotoc: Pennies for Haiti

By Regina Butler/Pontotoc Progress

In celebration of the hundreth day of school the Pontotoc Elementary school students are collecting hundreths or pennies for Haiti.

The teachers at the elementary school are encouraging all parents to send their loose change with their children to the school between now and Thursday, January 27, which is the hundreth day of school.

Haiti was devastated with a 7.0 earth quake and two 5.0 aftershock Tuesday, January 12 at approximately 4:56 p.m. central standard time.

That tiny peninsula country on the north end of an island has had its capital and countless buildings and homes flattened in rubble.

Thousands are suffering from lack of basic food and water necessities. Help is on the way and officials are encouraging people to give.

Monies collected from the elementary school students will go to one of the charitable organizations that is offering hope and help to the needy on the tiny island.

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