Time to make your Christmas wishes known

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to write your letters to Santa.
Here’s what you need to know about getting your letters published in the Christmas Eve edition of the Daily Journal:
– Include in your letters your names, ages and the town or community in which you live.
– Mail your letters to the North Pole in care of the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, P.O. Box 909, Tupelo, MS 38802-0909.
– Don’t let your teachers talk you into copying a form letter to Santa off the board at school. We won’t print identical letters from entire classes.
– And don’t let your parents write your letters for you, unless, of course, you aren’t able to write yet. Then it’s OK for your parents to help.
– Keep your letters as brief as possible so there will be room for every letter.
– If you feel creative when you’re writing your letters to Santa, feel free to draw, color or paint a picture. We’ll consider publishing some of your artwork as well.
Get your letters to us as soon as you can; don’t wait until the last minute. Any letters that arrive at the Journal after Monday, Dec. 14 will not be considered for publication.
But don’t worry. All letters will be forwarded to Santa at the North Pole.

NEMS Daily Journal

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