Almost anything will sell at a yard sale, but some things sell better than others. Children’s toys and clothes sell well, but adult clothing doesn’t. If you’ve got adult clothing, hang it near the back of your display. If you’ve all the clothing out front, many prospective buyers will drive right past.

Furniture sells because there are always young people setting up housekeeping. Dishes are popular too for people starting out or antiques dealers looking for collectibles.

But, whatever you’re trying to sell, here are some tips for turning your trash into real yard sale treasures:

– When pricing your items, do some homework beforehand. Ask friends who are garage-sale veterans if your prices sound reasonable. Yard sale shoppers are looking for bargains and if your prices are too high, you’ll never sell your stuff.

Some yard-sale veterans suggest that you mark popular items such as furniture at 25 percent of what you paid for it. For instance, a sofa for which you paid $200 might sell for $50 if it’s in good shape. Most small items such as books, picture frames and dishes, etc. will sell for 50 cents or $1 apiece. When pricing, however, leave yourself room for negotiation. Many yard sale fans love to haggle.

– How you arrange your merchandise matters. Arrange your wares in some semblance of order by putting similar items together.

– Use tables to display your merchandise even if you have to lug your dining room table out in the front yard. If your merchandise is scattered on the ground, you won’t attract many customers because drivers can’t see what you have for sale.

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