Trip tips


Trip tips

Here, from Hilton Hotels, are some suggestions for matching your vacation to your’s and/or your family’s personality:

– Golf Guru: If golf drives your personality, proximity to a golf course suits you best. But for a more enjoyable outing, select a resort that offers access to multiple golf courses, along with an assortment of other activities for the rest of the family to help create the perfect, well-rounded vacation.

– Stress Mess: If you are a slave to stress and are always active and on the go, you most likely need a vacation at a resort that specializes in soothing your tired mind and body. You may want to select a more secluded resort destination that offers lots of hidden spots to rest and relax, a responsive staff, deep massages, calming spas and plenty of warm, healing sunshine.

– Beach Baron: Is there a mermaid (or merman) trapped inside of you? You may want to seek a beach destination. On both U.S. coasts, and especially in Hawaii, you can enjoy some of the most breathtaking views and pristine beaches in the world.

– Family Fun: If vacationing with the family is what toots your horn, look for a resort that offers something for everyonemom and dad and the kids. A resort offering a combination of family activities on-site and in the surrounding area may be your best bet, especially if weather patterns can interrupt the best-laid vacation plans. You may even want to choose a resort near a theme park.

– Galloping Gourmet: Are you a food lover? Do you yearn for savory delights? You might want to indulge in the sumptuous and elegant cuisine that many resorts or cruise ships present. You may wish to choose a vacation that offers a unique culture to fulfill your palate’s desires.

– Thrill Seeker: If adventure is what you’re looking for, select a destination or a resort that provides a variety of sports facilities, from golf to tennis to exciting water pursuits such as wind-surfing, snorkeling or scuba diving.

– Do-It-Yourselfer: If you can’t decide what you want, try taking advantage of vacation packages provided by hotels that let you decide the activities you want to enjoy, when you want to enjoy them. At check-in, you may receive vouchers redeemable for one premium amenity or service of your choice for each paid night of your stay. With this array of choices, you can simply design your own vacation. Available choices vary by resort and season, but might include food and beverage options such as champagne or breakfast in bed; activities such as a round of golf or free tennis lessons; services such as a one-hour massage; or even passes to a nearby amusement park.

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