Tupelo Church of the Nazarene emphasizes evangelism


Daily Journal

Tupelo Church of the Nazarene is located on what might be called “church row” in Tupelo. It's a stretch of Lawndale Drive south of Main Street where several churches of various denominations worship and minister.

The Nazarene congregation was organized in Tupelo in 1959, and today has 76 members. Nation-wide, the Church of the Nazarene has more than 5,000 congregations and 600,000 members. The church's headquarters is in Kansas City, Mo.

“We've got some good, godly people who are very friendly,” the Rev. Virgel Crisp said, describing the Tupelo congregation. “Anyone who visits with us will find a very meaningful worship experience and spiritual help and comfort and an uplifting time.”

The church of the Nazarene emphasizes the doctrine of entire sanctification or Christian Holiness. It stresses the importance of a devout and holy life and a positive witness before the world by the power of the Holy Spirit. Nazarenes express their faith through evangelism and ministries of compassion.

“Our emphasis is on the gospel and Jesus Christ,” said Crisp. “That's the centerpiece of our worship.”

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