Tupelo singer-songwriter releases new CD

By Sheena Barnett/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Jake Wood’s music is uplifting, and he should know. All of his songs were written to get him out of his own slump.
“I wrote (the songs) at a very low point in my life. I was really lost,” he said. “The phrase ‘someday soon’ kept popping into my mind. ‘Someday soon, everything’s gonna be all right.’ It’s all I would do to make myself feel better.”
“Someday Soon” came out of those feelings, and soon came the other songs that would make up his debut album, “Live Life.”
Wood, 25, from Tupelo, has released an EP and spent the past several years performing in the area, but he said “Live Life” feels like the true start of his music career.
“It’s exciting. It’s me, it’s Jake Wood. Every artist has a beginning, and for me, this is it,” he said.
Wood’s influences are singer-songwriters like Neil Young, Tom Petty and Bob Seger, but he also loves punk bands like The Clash. His music is more acoustic singer-songwriter than punk, but if he is punk, he’s the happiest punk on the planet.
“I really like the old Latin phrase, ‘Carpe diem,’ seize the day,” he said, and he found his album title in that.
He teamed with pal Bran Simmons, who produced the album, and she added in a few light orchestral touches to Wood’s classic man-with-a-guitar sound.
Wood is writing new material in the hopes of recording a follow-up EP.
That, too, is guaranteed to be just as hopeful as “Live Life.” He hopes listeners are uplifted by his music.
“Probably now more than ever, I want to put out a hopeful, even spiritual, tone with my music,” he said. “I hope it brings some joy to their lives, or happiness, or it may challenge them. But overall I hope it brings a smile to their hearts, or some peace or comfort.”

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You can purchase a copy of “Live Life” by Jake Wood by contacting him via Facebook. Read a review of “Live Life” at nems360.com/pages/entertainment.

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