Turkey Trivia

1. What 20th-century U.S. president started the tradition of pardoning a turkey on Thanksgiving?

2.What fraction of all turkey consumed in the U.S. is eaten on Thanksgiving?

3.What team started hosting annual Thanksgiving Day games in 1966?

4.What store sponsored its first Thanksgiving Day parade in 1924?

5.Which Simpson ran away from home after an argument during Thanksgiving dinner?

6.What president moved Thanksgiving to stimulate business in the United States?

7.Who was the first “Friends” character to get his head stuck in a Thanksgiving turkey?

8.What New England landmark was buried in sand on Thanksgiving Day, 1970, during a demonstration by Indian activists?

9.What 19th-century president revived the national holiday of Thanksgiving, which had first been proclaimed by George Washington?

10. What Spike Lee movie finds a woman asking three boyfriends over for Thanksgiving dinner?

11.What common Thanksgiving food's wild cousin provided the active ingredient in the first birth control pills?

12.What day of the week do Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving?

13. What family-focused series spanned Christmas 1933 to Thanksgiving 1947?

14.Which founding father wanted the turkey as the U.S. national symbol?

15.What holiday is celebrated at the beginning and end of “Hannah and Her Sisters”?

16. What legendary quarterback got to ride down Broadway on the first NFL float ever featured in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2004?

17. How many turkeys were served up at the first Thanksgiving dinner?

18.What U.S. state raises the most turkeys?

19. What snack treat was prepared at the first Thanksgiving by an Indian named Quadequina?

20.Who beat the Dallas Cowboys on a sleet-covered field on Thanksgiving 1993?


1. Harry S. Truman

2. One-fourth

3. Dallas Cowboys

4. Macy's

5. Bart

6. Franklin Roosevelt (he moved it from the last Thursday of November to the fourth Thursday of November)

7. Joey

8. Plymouth Rock

9. Abraham Lincoln

10 “She's Gotta Have It”

11. The yam

12. Monday

13. “The Waltons”

14. Benjamin Franklin

15. Thanksgiving

16. Joe Namath

17. Four

18. California

19. Popcorn

20. Miami Dolphins

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