Two for One: Pied Piper presents 'The Box,' 'On the Radio'

By M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Pied Piper Playhouse has a double-shot of entertainment lined up.
A pair of musicals will open Friday at Milam Elementary School auditorium. “The Box” puts the spotlight on kids’ imaginations, and “On the Radio” is a musical trip through the 20th century.
“The Box” features kids from 3 years to second grade. The young actors will sing about the fun they can make with whatever’s handy.
“They’ll find a cardboard box and have fun with it,” said Dianne Ludt, director. “You can buy kids fancy toys, but they always love cardboard boxes, and pots and pants, and spoons to hit them with.”
Original plans called for a more elaborate set for “The Box,” but those were nixed.
“We decided to keep in simple and have toys that a kid would have in their room,” Ludt said.

Musical history
“On the Radio” features actors from third to ninth grade. It’s the story of a radio station called KYDZ, “which is ‘kids.’ It took me a while to figure that out,” Ludt said.
The musical will share history and classic music from different decades. The soundtrack includes “Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy,” “Hound Dog” and “Ain’t We Got Fun.”
“We have scenes from each time period,” Ludt said. “We also have a group that will give trivia questions.”
Question: When was the popular candy Pez invented?
Answer: 1927.
“Did you know it’s been around that long?” Ludt said.
“On the Radio” will conclude in the 1980s, when the cast will be joined by cast members for “The Box” for a rendition of “Footloose.”
“They’re both just fun plays. That’s the most important thing,” Ludt said. “You get two plays with fun music and great kids.”

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