Visions of sugarplums

Ever notice how everything can be excused away at Christmas?

Oh, you haven’t been to the gym lately? No big deal, it’s Christmas!

Haven’t been eating well? Hey, it’s Christmas, lighten up.

It’s so easy to fall off the path because it’s the holidays, and, apparently, the holidays are about…being lazy and eating anything you want? Sounds nice, but it makes it harder to stay on the weight loss track.

I know it’s the week of Christmas, but I’m already worrying about how many times I can go to the gym. I barely made it last night, clocking in at about 11:30 p.m., since I stayed up baking cookies (which are NOT healthy) for Album Club today. Even though I was tired from being up since 7 a.m., that workout felt wonderful. In fact, I didn’t want to go home. I could’ve worked out all night. I’m not sure how I’m going to work in some workouts for the rest of the week/weekend, though. I’ll do what I can!

My eating isn’t what it should be these days either. My schedule is packed, so I’m eating what I can when I can, basically. As if I’m not causing myself enough trouble, I’ve had lots of sweet gifts from coworkers, all in the form of food, from fire and ice pickles to buckeyes to cookies. Delicious, all, and thoughtful, sure, but oh so bad for me.

I’ve decided to enjoy it all but in moderation. I had one cookie yesterday; I might have another today. The buckeyes, I’m taking to Album Club tonight so others can share in the chocolate-y goodness.

Again, I really do love the holidays – it means I get to see more of my friends, especially those who I haven’t seen in a while. But, I look forward to getting back on my eating and workout schedules. I know I’ll feel better, both physically and emotionally (eating these few sweets and my less frequent gym trips are leading up to a mountain of guilt on my part).

I haven’t checked the scales in a while. The next time I get on one, it’ll probably just oink at me instead of giving me a number. But whatever. The holidays are just once a year, and I’m going to do the best I can. If it means a pound or two, so be it. I’m trying, scale, I’m trying!

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